Monday, December 26, 2011

A 1919 Christmas

Friday, December 19,1919: We baked bread and coffee cake and also filled cookies and churned. Not quite so cold today. The Zarndt and Young telephone lines were connected on the Bell today. Saturday, quite a lot of folks went to town. We were busy getting ready for company tomorrow. Sunday Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down to dinner. In the afternoon, about three oclock Leonard, came. It was his first call. He staid until about eight thirty or nine oclock.

Monday was cloudy and frosty. We washed. Dad drove over to Guilford to get the horses shod. But he couldn’t get it done. He got four pounds sugar. Had to take some other groceries with it. We are going to have a dozen men telephone men for dinner tomorrow. Tuesday we had eleven telephone men for dinner today. Got fifty-cents for each. But the way we figured it out we didn’t make anything and all the work for nothing. Ruby & I went to Galena in the cutter this afternoon. We had Pet shod. Came back as far as Aunt Annie and Dad & Ma came up there. We sent  a Christmas booklet.*

Wednesday Mother and Aunt Annie went to Apple River. Uncle Edd took them to town. We baked bread and saffron bread. Got a box from Uncle Thomas. Dad got a pair of gloves, Mother a little white apron, Ruby a box of correspondence cards. I got a box of writing paper. I got a handkerchief and fifty cents last night. Five dollars today. Ruby & I gave Dad a razor and Ma a pair gloves. Sent lots of Christmas cards today.

Thursday Dad, Ruby & I had dinner together. Had mashed potatoes, creamed asparagus, baked sweet potatoes, pickles, celery, saffron cake, bread, butter, chocolate pie, cake etc. We went down to Tresidder’s for supper. They had a Christmas tree lit.

* Does anyone know what a Christmas booklet was/is or do you think she meant a Christmas box like to Uncle Thomas?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Who is L.S. ?

Friday Decmber 5, 1919: Heard there wasn’t a very big crowd to the social. There was twenty-six baskets but no young men to buy them. Made twenty-seven dollars. Ethel T was over. Also Will & Bessie Weis. Wilbur Bastian came over and bought four roosters. Evelyn came along. Talked like a streak. They brought us eight boxes of honey. Saturday, it snowed quite heavily this afternoon and it snowed last night. Dad & Ruby went to town in the afternoon in the cutter. Sunday, in the afternoon Ruby & I drove Pet in the cutter up to Davis’. They were quite surprised to see us. Mr. Davis had just come back from taking Bernetta down the Station to go to Scales Mound. But the rest were at home. Had a nice visit. Staid to supper. Dark before we got started for home. But it was quite light. Full moon. Didn’t have any company today. Monday was cold. We are just mending and crocheting and so on today.

Tuesday was very cold again. Don’t get much done but chores. Dad & Ma went down to Tresidder’s in the evening. Wednesday was very cold again. Our thermometers were fourteen and eighteen degrees below zero. It was thirty below in Galena. We made two kitchen aprons. Also crochet and etc. Uncle Edd came down. He came out from town. Don’t know when they will come home as Mattie hasn’t come back from Mary yet. Thursday our cattle went. Heard first in the morning that we couldn’t have a car. Then later on that we could have one. But didn’t know if they could yet ready and get them loaded in time or not. All had to rush around. Didn’t know if Dad would go along to Chicago or not. John Weis, Tresidder and our cattle went. We sent six calves, two steers, one heifer and one bull. They got them over on time. But didn’t have much time to waste. John Weis went along with them and Dad came along back again.

Friday was warmer. Baked bread, saffron bread and a cake. Saturday was another cold day. But Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena in the sleigh. My first sleigh ride and the first time we been to Galena with the teams for an awful long time. Had Violet and Pet. Quite a few in town today. Saw Santa Clause today. Sunday was very cold and clear. Uncle Edd came down. Dad went over to John Weis’. Got the returns for the cattle. Got twelve seventy-five down there for the calves. An average sixty-eight sixty each. The heifer eight and one half cents or ninety dollars. One bull seven cents or sixty dollar ninety cents. Altogether when the expenses taken out six hundred ninety-eight and nineteen cents.

Sunday was very cold and clear. Agnes, Milton, & Blanche came up in the afternoon. In the evening Mother, sister and I went up to Fiedler’s. Saw the new house. It isn’t finished yet. Will have nine rooms.
Monday was cold again. Didn’t do anything much in particular. Our line is crossed with several other lines. Heard on cross talk that Elmer Young has gone to Chicago about his arm. We got a letter from Uncle Joe Trudgian. Also a card from Mary Potter saying Aunt Hattie died Nov. 25 at seven a.m. She was buried at Centralia, Washington.

Tuesday we washed and also baked graham bread. Ruby received a note from L.S. asking if he could call next Sunday. Wednesday Dad & Ma went to Galena. It snowed a little. It was predicted that the world would come to an end today or earthquakes and other disturbances. I received a card from Raymond Dittmar said he expected to come in soon. Thursday, December 18, 1919  we ironed today. It snowed some today.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter is On Its Way

Apple River -Main Street c.a. early 1900s
Friday November 21, 1919: It tried to rain a little in the morning morning. Dad & Ruby took twenty roosters to Scales Mound. Got twenty-eight dollars & twenty cents. 20 cents per pound.

Saturday was a nice day. In the evening Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena. We went to the movies. Somebody and his girl also was there. Sunday, well, we hurried around and got ready and autoed out to Schapville. A lovly day. Had German services. Uncle Henrys and Uncle Joes were there. Aunt Rachel was down to her mother’s so we went out to Uncle Henry’s. Had lots of music on the player piano. Got home at about dark. Monday we got up early and Ruby & I walked over the Station and went to Freeport on the eight train. Did a lot of walking down there. The doctor gave me medicine for about five weeks. Came back to Apple River on the nine train. Staid all night at Grandpa’s. Tuesday we came home on the morning train. Aunt Annie was here.  Dad drove John Tippet’s team to Scales Mound while others drove the cattle. Started to crochet Ruby a green tam.

Wednesday was cold and cloudy. We washed . I crocheted on the tam-o-shanter. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Thursday was Thanksgiving Day. Didn’t have much extra for dinner. Ruby wouldn’t eat any and Ma couldn’t eat much. Ruby & I went down to Tresidder’s awhile in the afternoon. It was snowy all day. First of the season. Blanche was trying to sleigh ride.

Friday was snowy and  rainy in the evening. I was so afraid automobiling has gone up for this year or more. Baked bread, coffee cake, cookies and cake.Saturday was a very bad day snowy, cold and very windy. Sunday was a very cold day. We were at home all day.

Monday, December 1 it was snowing a little most all day. Dad went to town with Pet in the buggy. Tuesday was nice day, but cold. We washed today.

Wednesday we baked bread and also a spice cake. John Weis, John Tresidder and we were going to send a car of cattle tomorrow, but John T. backed out. Wants to take his hogs away tomorrow. Thursday, Dec. 4, 1919 : I am terribly disappointed tonight. Wanted to go so badly over to the social at Independence. But hardly knew if I felt able or not. Got everything to fill a box. Had a notion to go with the car yet and have Dad go along. Heard Weis are going but they didn’t say anything to us. Doesn’t look very nice, I don’t think. Feeling so bad. Lovly evening.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday, Church Service, Funeral

How many of you are genealogists or family historians. Do you have diaries or journals of ancestors that have given you additional information for your genealogical searches?  I find that Lillian's writing help me to add the "flesh" to my ancestors - hair color, height, weight, eye color, general disposition ~ what about you.

Sunday, November 16, 1919: We all went to town to church. We went to the Methodist church. A very nice day and good roads. So many cars on the road. Received quite a royal welcome at church. A certain person was singing in the choir. We came back to Aunt Annie’s to dinner and spent the afternoon. Monday was a nice day. Warmer. We didn’t wash on account of our bad colds. Mr. Will Swing’s funeral today. He died Friday eve of pneumonia. Tuesday we washed and ironed and baked bread today. Not so bad. Wednesday Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down in the morning. Uncle Edd helped haul the fodder. They didn’t get through so they are going to stay all night. A lovly day. Thursday, November 20, 1919 we got through hauling fodder today. We did a little mending, patching, crocheting and etz. Late this afternoon Dad, Ruby & I went to town. Got a sack of potatoes for five dollars. This is Dad is sixty three years old today.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Socials Continue Despite Wartime

Thursday, October 23, 1919: We ironed, churned, baked bread. Also finished husking standing corn, a load in the afternoon and some in the forenoon. Didn’t read much in the Gazette. Only a piece about the novelty shower at Mrs. Clinton White’s in honor of Emily Winsicker who is to be married to John Combellick Oct. 22. That was yesterday. Heard they went to Freeport to get married. Friday was cloudy  I baked a batch of cookies. Saturday was rather rainy. It had rained last night. Too wet for husking corn.

Sunday was misty. Uncle Edds came down in the afternoon. And Tresidders came up. Monday we got up early and took Ma & I and Aunt Annie over the Station to go on the eight-five train for Freeport. Had such a nasty day. Rained all day. Got six and a half dollars of medicine again. Looked in several stores. I was astonished at the prices. We came back to Apple River in the evening. Staid all night at Grandpa’s.

Tuesday we called at Uncle George’s in the morning before train time. Saw Pearl and Baby. Mayme said she couldn’t come in anymore as time is to short. Said she is going up north to live soon. Going to get married I guess. Got home this forenoon. Ma & I walked from the Station. We all husked corn all afternoon. Wedensday forenoon we husked corn. In the afternoon Ruby and I hauled and unloaded two loads of corn while Dad tied up fodder. Mother baked and churned. Thursday was rainy all day. Ma blackened and put up the dining room stove. I didn’t feel very good. Sick to my stomach last night.

Friday was Halloween. But not much for us. A social at Guilford school. We husked corn this afternoon. Have a hundred twenty three shocks yet.

November 1st, Saturday was a lovly clear day. Busy with Saturday work. Husked five shocks corn and hauled in two loads. Would have liked to be in town. Sunday Father and Mother went up to Aunt Annie’s to dinner. Ruby & I went over to Lottie’s. Staid for supper. Had no company. Monday we washed a big wash and husked corn and hauled in a load. Ninety-seven shocks yet. Our line was connected with the Bell today. Some folks quite tickled. Tuesday was windy and cold. Husked some corn in the forenoon. In the afternoon we all autoed to Galena. Bought some goods for myself for a skirt. Had a flat tire just as we were going to start for home. Had to fix it. Got my feet cold and froze my toes.

Wednesday was clear. Husked corn. I staid in partly made my skirt and dyed my white Georgette waist a pale blue. Also ironed some. Thursday was rainy. Ma and Ruby churned and finished ironing. Friday I was sewing on my skirt. Also made a cake. Ma & Ruby husked some corn. Well, we went to the social at Ford’s School.. Had nobody to go with so Dad went up with us. And then came home again in a little while. Quite a crowd there for the roads. Had lots of little tots speak.  Our boxes both brought a dollar quarter. A Bell boy from Council Hill got Ruby’s. Don’t know who got mine. A fellow from Galena or Menomonee. He bought a whole bunch of baskets and went out side with some girls and ate it. I didn’t get any supper. Very gentlemanly! Also took Clare Engel’s too. Then the poor kids didn’t get anything to eat. We had a nice visit with Jeannette. I guess I could have had someone else buy my basket had I wanted to. After twelve when we got home.

Saturday we were busy with Saturday work and husking corn. Wonder what's going on in town tonight.
Sunday was rainy all forenoon. In the afternoon Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down. It started to rain again late in the afternoon and rained hard all evening so Uncle Edds staid all night. Monday it cleared off in the morning, but partly cloudy all day. My but its windy Didn't have any fire and got supper on the oil stove.

Tuesday was a nice day. We washed and husked a load of corn. Josie & Helen came up. I am to go to the Studier’s and Fiedler’s about the Red Cross business. A year ago today the Armistise was signed. Wednesday was very, very cold and windy. Too cold to husk corn. Ironed. Thursday we husked six shocks. I was up to Fiedler’s this afternoon about the Red Cross. Studier was there too. But I didn’t get anything. Ma and I went up to Aunt Annie’s, but didn’t find anybody home. So we called at Johnnie’s.

Friday we finished husking corn. Husked twenty shocks. Very dry husking. Also hauled in two loads of corn. Have a load of unload tomorrow. And lots of fodder to tie up. We have bad colds.

Saturday, November 15, 1919: We all went to Galena  in the car. Quite a nice day. Had the car all closed in. Lots of people in town today. Would like to have been in town again tonight to see what's going on.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Husking Corn Day After Day, After Day

Friday, October 17, 1919:  Lovly day. Ironed and baked bread & coffee cake. Also husked another load of shock corn. And polished the car. Mother’s birthday. Fifty-three. Got a card from Aunt Tillie. Saturday we all went to Galena in the afternoon. Then came home and then went to town againn that eve. Ruby & I went to the movies. Ma and Pa saw B & E and girls.

Sunday was cloudy. We all went to church. We expected to probably see a new minister. But no minister arrived. Wilbur and Evelyn came out also. She said Mrs. Young was poorly in bed. She said the boys wasn’t over yet and that Elmer doesn’t come over very often. She said they both have girls. Ruby and I thought we’d go down to Tresidder’s but didn’t find them home. We all went down in the evening. Heard Whites had a shower on Emily Winsicker Friday night.

Monday we didn’t get much corn husked as it was rainy. Tuesday was a beautiful day. Busy husking standing corn. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s in the evening. They heard that Jack Combellick and Elmer Young had got married. Had heard before that Jack was going to get married. Wednesday we husked a load of corn. Also washed. Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena late in the afternoon. Think it must have been a mistake about Elmer getting married. We saw his girl and also Ben’s. Think they were coming home from work. Ruby sent Ben a letter this morning.

Thursday, October 23, 1919: Ironed, churned, baked bread. Also finished husking standing corn, a load this afternoon and some this forenoon. Didn’t read much in the Gazette today. Only a piece about the novelty shower at Mrs. Clinton White’s in honor of Emily Winsicker who is to be married to John Combellick October 22. That was yesterday. Heard they went to Freeport to get married.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Terribly Disappointment!

Wednesday, October 10, 1919: We ironed. Put up some tomatoes. Dad and Al cutting corn. Had quite a storm and rain last night. Thursday Mother got a ride to Apple River in the forenoon with John Glicks. She came back to Scales Mound on the nine oclock train. Dad, Uncle Edd & I went up after her. John Tippets & John Tresidders & Ida were up here this evening. Grandpa is quite sick. Have a nurse. Mother hardly knows if he knew her or not. Friday Al, Nancy, Dad and Ruby hauled a load of alfalfa hay this after. This eve all but Ma took a ride to Scales Mound. Aunt Lizzie wasn’t home. After we got home Lena Hanson and Arthur Schlichting came. He brought her in. Staid till twelve.

Saturday the folks hauled the hay today. This eve Ruby, Dad, Al, Nancy, Geraldine & Lena went to Galena. Al drove the car. Got along fairly well. Sunday,  Dad & I took the folks in to Zimmerman’s to dinner. Then they were going home on the one oclock train. We all went through Grant’s old home. Uncle Edd & Tresidders went to Apple River this afternoon. Uncle Edds were here to supper. Think Grandpa just a little better. Monday we washed an awful wash put up four quarts ground cherries. Didn’t hear from Grandpa today. Big Soldiers Welcome home at Apple River today. Thursday, October 16, 1919 we all went to Apple River this afternoon. Uncle Edd went with us. Beautiful day. Mother staid out. Aunt Annie came along back. Grandfather a little better. Quite a crowd at Apple River. Mostly cars. Expected to stay for evening. But Uncle Edd & Ma wanted us to go home so home we came. But I was  terribly disappointed and could just as well did the chores several hours late. Mad clear though.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

An Autumn Wedding

Friday October 3, 1919: We intended to go home this morning. But it rained early so didn’t prepare to go but then it cleared off. Grandpa was down stairs to dinner and supper today. First time since he was sick. Uncle Joes were up. We helped to make sourkraut this afternoon. Saturday we came home, walked. Had a hard rain about noon. And then an awful hard rain about five thirty. The creeks were higher here than I ever saw. The culbert was full and the water run over the top of the bridge and along the road. The awful best thing I ever saw. It took fences.

Sunday we all went to church in the afternoon. Uncle Edd, Aunt Annie, Tresidders, Wilbur B. & Ben Young werethere. Mr. Kravenberg’s last Sunday. He says we will have a student from Dubuque Presbyterian School to preach. We all went up to Uncle Edd’s  in the eve. Monday was a lovly day. It cleared off last night. Dad husked corn. Ma dug potatoes. Ruby picked apples. I picked up ground cherries. Tuesday we washed and hulled ground cherries. Ruby went down to Agnes’s to pick some hopps this afternoon. A lovly day.

Wednesday we ironed and also dug some potatoes. It is a very poor crop. Mary Tippet was married today at noon to Mr. Snow. They went to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Thursday, October 9, 1919: It was a beautiful day. Aunt Annie came down this forenoon. Brought us a sample of the wedding cake. Uncle Edd came down this evening. Hulled beans this eve.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lillian's Diaries: Final Whispers from Galena's Past

All three volumes of Lillian's Diaries are available now on-line at or  and at Book World in Galena IL and Cornish Connections in Mineral Point, WI. I hope, if you are a Lillian reader, that you have had a chance to form some opinions about Volume I, II,  and/or III. I would love to hear your thoughts on the books, Lillian, Galena IL, or life in the U.S. during the early-mid 1900s. I am finding more and more readers sem to be having difficulties leaving their reviews on the books' pages on so if you like, feel free to leave your comments on this blog,  instead of on

Thanks to those who have read Lillian's Diaries and a special thanks to those who have taken time out of their busy lives to write a review or comment about the books.

Mysteries and More Mysteries

Friday, September 19, 1919: A hard rain last night. It cleared off nicely today. We baked a cake and made jelly. Put up seven quarts tomatoes, picked up and hulled ground cherries and cooked them a little. Saturday we went to Galena late in the afternoon. Quite a good  many were in. Saw Miss somebody today. Somebody we didn’t know before. I looked at hats but didn’t buy any. We came home with out our flour. Thought we would go back again in the evening but weather didn’t look very good. We didn’t for it rain. Sunday went to church in the afternoon. Uncle Edds and John Tresidder were there but no minister. I guess it was too wet for him. But it didn’t rain till the eve.

Monday cleared off fine in the morning. Ruby churned.I working on auto tires. Mother called up and said she is coming home tomorrow. Tuesday we went up to Scales Mound to get Mother. Took a coop of ten old roosters along, got only twelve cents a pound or eight dollar and seventy-six cents. Nearly gave them away. Called at Aunt Lizzie’s. She wants to come down Friday. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s this eve.
Wednesday was another lovly day. Washed today. Dad & I husked a load of corn in the afternoon. Thursday we ironed. We all went to Galena in the afternoon. I bought a pair brown shoes for six dollars and a hat for five. I wanted the one I liked last Saturday, but it was sold. Very disappointed.

Friday late in the afternoon Dad & I went to Scales Mound to get Aunt Lizzie. Werners graded the road from the school house down to Tresidder’s this week. Saturday we were busy all day. We all went to Galena. Saw somebody* alone tonight. We had a puncture on the way home. Winsicker helped us. Saw a areoplane go over today at three thirty, going west. It was the second I ever saw.

Sunday was rainy in the morning and the eve. Uncle Edds came down to dinner. Tresidders came up this afternoon and staid to supper. Monday Ruby took Aunt Lizzie home this afternoon with Old Pet. Ma & I washed. Tuesday it had rained very heavy last night. Also raining mostly all day and raining hard tonight. Wanted to go to Freeport. Expect we’ll have to put it off again and again. Put up six and one half quarts pears. Also churned & baked cookies.

Wednesday October 1st: Ma and I went to Apple River. We walked over the Station for the five train. Ir was very warm day. Thursday October 2, 1919: Ma and I went to Freeport this morning on the eight thirty train. We went to see Dr. Mary Rosenstiel. Lucky to find a lady doctor.  Aunt Tillie had heard of her. She seemed very nice. She said something on the same order as the other doctors. Said there was three ways, an operation, electric treatment or medicines**. She gave me lots of medicines. I’m to go again in 3 weeks. Came back to Apple River at nine oclock. Very tired. Walked around quite a little.

 *Who do you think somebody is?
** What do you think is the matter with Lillian?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh My September is Here!

Al and Nancy  (hanson) Trudgian's Wedding Photo

Thursday September 11, 1919: Mother got a ride to Apple River in the forenoon with John Glicks. She came back to Scales Mound on the nine oclock train. Dad, Uncle Edd & I went up after her. John Tippets & John Tresidders & Ida were up here in the evening. Grandpa is quite sick, has a nurse. Mother hardly knows if he knew her or not. Friday, Al, Nancy, Dad and Ruby hauled a load of alfalfa hay in the afternoon. in the evening all but Ma took a ride to Scales Mound. Aunt Lizzie wasn’t home. After we got home Lena Hanson and Arthur Schlichting came. He brought her in. Staid till twelve. Saturday the folks hauled the hay.That evening Ruby, Dad, Al, Nancy, Geraldine & Lena went to Galena. Al drove the car. Got along fairly well.

Sunday Dad & I took the folks in to Zimmerman’s to dinner.Then they were going home on the one oclock train. We all went through Grant’s old home. Uncle Edd & Tresidders went to Apple River this afternoon. Uncle Edd here to supper. Thinks Grandpa just a little better. Monday we washed an awful wash. Put up four quarts ground cherries. Didn’t hear from Grandpa. Big Soldiers' Welcome Home at Apple River.  Tuesday we all went to Apple River in the afternoon. Uncle Edd went with us. Beautiful day. Mother staid out. Aunt Annie came along back. Grandfather a little better. Quite a crowd at Apple River, mostly cars. Expected to stay for evening. But Uncle Edd & Ma wanted us to go home so home we came. But  I am terribly disappointed and could just as well did the chores several hours late. Mad clear though.

Wednesday we ironed and churned. It was rainy. Ma called up this evening,. Grandpa better is but Aunt Tillie not very well. Thursday, September 18, 1919. It is rainy today. Ruby & I picked some grapes and picked them off for jelly. Baked bread & a cake. Aunt Annie got a card from Aunt Tillie today. She has pleurisy now.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

On Vacation


Meanwhile I am on vacation and you can follow me for the next 3 weeks at;

1919 will continue the last week of August.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

County Fair Time

Hope you are busy reading volumes I and II of Lillian's Diaires as volume III Lillian's Diaries: Final Whispers of Galena's Past (1926-1931) will be out in the next 2-3 weeks. It will be available at,, Book World in Galena,IL and Mineral Book Connections in Mineral Point, WI. It should also begin showing up on other online bookstores and at some public libraries.

Friday, August 8, 1919 was very cool. Ruby & I picked and put up blackberries. Mother went up to the church and cleaned a little and cut off some weed. Then called in at Sadie’s awhile. Saturday I picked and put up some berries, Also pickled a half gallon of yellow beans, baked bread, coffee cake and cake. Dad, Ma & I went to Galena  in the evening. Ruby staid up to Aunt Annie’s. Not so many in town as usual.

Sunday all but Ruby went to church in the afternoon. Uncle Edds, Lottie, Jack, Alta, Sadie & Evelyn were there. In the evening we went over to Win Tippet’s. Took Uncle Edds along. Monday we put up ten quarts of peaches and cooked 4 pints of corn. Picked blackberries, made jelly and cut some lawn. Fiedlers thrashed. Weis did the job. Tuesday we washed. Put up four pints of sweet corn. Cut some lawn. Always busy.

Wednesday I ironed. Ruby & I picked a few blackberries, enough for supper and breakfast. Put up four pints of field corn. Cut some lawn. Had a heavy rain last night and early in the morning, then cleared. It is a beautiful day. Thursday August 14, 1919: A beautiful day. We all went to the Fair. Started at twelve thirty and drove the car in the Fairgrounds. A large crowd there. The grounds were just full of chance games or playing for dolls (especially). And most everything imagineable. One race horse broke its leg. Another ran away. We staid for evening. An awful crowd in the eve. The fireworks were just fine. Had singing, band music, acting and a girl wire walker - very good. We started for home at ten. Very much worn out. But not completely satisfied. Saw somebody early in the evening - alone.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's a Bird, No it's an Airplane!

The first wing walker to perform daring stunts was 26 year old Ormer Locklear. Legend has it that he first climbed out onto the lower wings during his pilot training in the Army Air Service during World War I. Undaunted, Ormerjust climbed out of the cockpit onto the wings in flight whenever there was a mechanical issue and fixed the problem. On November 8, 1918, Locklear wowed the crowd at Barron Field, Texas with his dare devil wing walking stunts. Wing walking was seen as an extreme form of barnstorming, and wing walkers would constantly take up the challenge of outdoing one another. They themselves admitted (or rather proclaimed proudly) that the point of their trade was to make money on the audience's prospect of possibly watching someone die. Source:Wikipedia

August 1, 1919: Well we got up in the morning quite early. Weather not looking bad. It cleared off so at eight we started for Galena. Josie, Ruby & I put the car in Edgerton’s Garage. An awful crowd at the depot and the train was crowded. Had to stand. We had to walk away to get to the boat landing. Our first boat ride. My it was swell. The boat had four decks and lots of dancing. It was ten or after when the boat started. It was one oclock when we got to Dubuque and five when we got to Cassville. The boat started again at twenty-five to six. We walked up and down the main street of Cassville. Got back to the landing and started on the train by ten oclock. Eleven when we got to Galena. Hurried to the garage to get car and was charge seventy-five cents for storing the car. I asked last Tuesday and he said fifty cents. I got mad at the old fellow. Got home quarter to twelve. Dad and Ma was quite worried. Some folks didn’t go that we thought might go. Bernetta & Thelma were on.

Saturday we were quite bummy today. Ma & I picked blackberries in the forenoon. That evening we all went to town. Sunday we got nearly ready to go to church. Then It came to rain. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down to dinner. Ruby & I went down to Weis’. Took Josephine’s veil that she left in the car. Monday Ruby & I picked a gallon and half blackberries. Ma made jelly out of them.

Tuesday we washed today. I also washed and ironed our Georgette waists. Wednesday saw the first airplane go over in the evening about a quarter after eight. Ruby and I were out on the lawn when we heard a noise. Thought it an automobile. Ruby went in the house. I looked up and down the road. Didn’t see anything. The noise seemed to come from over towards Studier’s. Then I looked up in the air and behold I saw a airplane. It was quite high. My, one glance and knocked on the window for Mother and Ruby. Then watched it a while. Telephoned Aunt Annie, then rang the bell for Dad. He was up in the corn field. It went nearly straight west then turned northward. Watched until it went down over the horizon. Causes some little excitement in the neighborhood. We ironed and also picked berries and put them up. Baked bread, cake and tarts and pie. If its nice tomorrow we expect to go to the Schapville picnic or the Soldiers’ doings. We asked Helen to go along.

Thursday, August 7, 1919: A lovly day. We started at a quarter to one for the picnic. Helen went along. A very large crowd there. Mostly relatives. Had our supper along. Started for home about a quarter to eight. Came home thro Schapville. Stopped at the cemetery to see Uncle Herman’s monument. A good many folks out there from around here.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Haying In The Summer Sun

Friday, July 18, 1919: Put a load of hay in the shed. It’s full now. We also put a load on the stack making fourty seven loads. Saturday we put up three loads hay. One on the stack and two for a new stack making fifty loads. We all went to Galena in the eve. An airplane was to make a flight over the Fairground this afternoon. But as there was only five tickets sold he wouldn't fly. We shook hands with Jack Combellick this eve. He has been home since July 2.

Sunday, Da, Ma, & I went to church in the morning. In the afternoon we took a ride up as far as Mt. Morley school house where Ma use to go to school and back through Guilford around by Heer’s and stopped at Aunt Annie’s for supper. Monday, we had a shower rain in the forenoon. Dad & Ruby put up two loads hay. Tuesday, John Tresidder came up in the  afternoon to help hay. Finished now except the alfalfa. Have fifty-eight loads. Wednesday, we washed, baked bread. Dad took five lambs and an old sheep over to the Station in the forenoon. Got sixty-five dollars and fourty-five cents for them. Fourteen cents a pound for the lambs and seven for the sheep. Ruby & I picked a few blackberries afraid we won’t get many.

Thursday, we (all but Ma) went to Scales Mound in the forenoon. We bought a new firestone 30x3 tire from Birds. 6000 mile guarantee. Had the car looked over. Called on Aunt Lizzie. In the afternoon we ironed and I put new oil in crankcase of car and also greased it. Dad raked alfalfa. Friday we put up three loads of alfalfa hay, finished haying. Sixty-one loads. Aunt Annie came down. Uncle Edd went down near Hanover. We went up there last night to ask them if they wanted to go with us to Waterloo by car. Uncle Edd has backed out now.

Saturday, well, we didn’t go to Waterloo. But has been quite a nice day, but hot. We all went to Galena tonight. Saw somebody going around alone. Sunday we all started out for Apple River at nine in the morning. Uncle Edd was going with us but he got a ride with Haydens. Got to Apple River by ten. Waited for Mayme to get ready and then we went to Lena. Made that in a hour fifteen minutes. Ate dinner. Attended Sunday School and services. Mr. Liston preached. There were some folks down there we knew. We started for home at twenty to five. Went quite fast as it looked like a bad storm. They wanted us to stay for supper at A.R. but we came home. Was awful dusty. It looked much brighter when we got nearly home and then it cleared off without a drop of rain. Uncle Edd stayed to supper. Johns were up this eve. Tomorrow is Grandpa’s seventy-fifth birthday. Had a beautiful birthday cake. Uncle Georges and Louise Sutton and children were to be there to supper too.

Monday was a nice day. Ma churned Ruby & I picked a gallon and a half of blackberries. Josie Weis called up said she would go with us on the excursion Friday if we were going. Wish Helen could go to.
Tuesday we washed. Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena late in the afternoon. Bought three excursion tickets for sixty-cents each. Brought home our oil stove oven. We all went down to Tresidder’s after a can of soft water. Heard in Galena today that Leroy Tresidders had a child but it died.

Wednesday we ironed. Also picked some blackberries and put up two and one half quarts and made jelly. I washed my white skirt. Its threatening rain. I hoped we will get a good shower. Thursday, July 31, 1919: Weather partly cloudy today. But hope tomorrow will be nice. We baked bread, cake and cream puffs* today.

Trudgian Home in The Summer Sun
* Lillian's recipe for cream puffs will appear in Lillian's Diaries: Final Whispers From Galena's Past Vol. III will be out at Book World in Galena, Mineral Point Connections in Mineral Point, WI and at in late August/early September, 2011. Vol. III has added more maps an expanded glossary, updated surname index and DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR BOOK GROUPS. Let me know what you think of adding the book group questions if you have the opportunity to use them.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Supposedly Lazy, Hazy Summer is Not So Lazy

Friday, July 11, 1919: We hauled five loads of hay. Making twenty-six loads of hay in now. Saturday, we hauled in five loads of hay again. we are nearly killing ourselves. Got it all in we had cut and all of that field. We baked bread. We all went to town again tonight. Nearly all the farmers around were in Galena. We saw somebody riding around in the Old Ford roadster and the girl with the yellow waist.

Sunday Ma & I went to church this afternoon. Looked a little rainy. The minister, Sadie Bastian and Evelyn & Elmer Young were there, small crowd. When we got home Aunt Annie was here and Uncle Edd came down for supper. We took them home this eve. Monday it rained several showers. We washed and ironed a good part of them and also cut some lawn. Put a new radiator hose on the car. And filled up the new tire cuts.

Tuesday we finished ironing. Baked a cake and bread. We hauled three loads hay in the afternoon.
Tuesday was Ruby’s twenty-sixth birthday. Spent the day haying. A very beautiful day. Such a beautiful, blue sky. We hauled four loads hay in this afternoon making thirty-eight loads now. The shed is nearly full.

Thursday, July 17, 1919: Mother sent Mrs. Young a birthday card. They had a postal shower* for her. Well, this afternoon Uncle Edd came down to help us hay. Aunt Annie came down also. We put up seven loads in a stack. Making fourty-five loads. We took Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie home this eve. About a dozen young folks had a picnic supper down in our bottom. Don’t know who they were.

* Postal shower: When someone organizes all the friends and family of a particular person and each of these send a card or short letter through the mail on that person's birthday

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Does Lillian Want To Know?

Friday, July 4, 1919: Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena this morning went in to see if our waists were in the Post Office. But no, no waists*. I was awful sore. Well, when we got ready to go to Scales Mound the weather didn’t look very favorable but we went. A very big crowd there. Uncle Bens from Woodbine and Uncle Dan, Uncle Henrys, Uncle Joes, Uncle Georges, Irish Virtues and lots more were there. It rained several showers but not enough to settle the dust. Made a person rather nervous. About half after four we started for home as the weather didn’t look good. It rained a little on the way home. After we were home awhile it rain very hard and rain so hard about all night.

Saturday we didn’t go anywhere. Didn’t know if we should go tonight or not. Wanted to go awful bad. Would like to know something awful bad.** Sunday Dad, Ma, & I went to church in the morning. Lottie was there. I found out some things I wanted to know about B. Lottie came over this afternoon. Had supper. We thought we would go to Galena to the Methodist church this eve. But when we got in there church looked to be shut up so we call on Tippets awhile.

Monday we hauled two loads of hay in the afternoon. Tuesday we hauled a load of hay this morning but it came to rain so couldn’t haul anymore. We washed. Wednesday my waist came. My first Georgette waist, white with blue embroidery and collar.*** We got a letter from Uncle Thomas. It stormed nearly all afternoon. A very heavy rain and hard storm. We baked bread and cookies on the oil stove. Mrs. Seck was buried today. Thursday, July 10, 1919: We didn’t haul any hay. It was too wet. I cut a little lawn. Ruby & I cleaned out the carbon from the combustion chamber of the car in the forenoon. We all rode down to Tresidder’s.

* Waists are much like what we would call blouses. They overlapped the skirt.
** This might be about the mysterious person that Lillian was writing to earlier in World War II or it may be about Ben Young, who was courting Lillian's sister, Ruby.
*** We actually have this waist. It was found in the Trudgian home among other left behind clothing.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Priming For The 4th

Friday, June 27, 1919: Finished ironing. Ma & Ruby worked in garden. Tillie picked more gooseberries.

Saturday we baked a cake on the new oil stove. We have Aunt Annie's oven. Aunt Tillie made the cake. She went up to Aunt Annie’s this afternoon. We all went to town again this eve. Well, the Germans signed today. Peace. An awful crowd in Galena. Sort of celebrating I guess. The saloons all over the U.S. are suppose to close Monday night at twelve. My won’t that be grand. Hope its so. I guess Ruby feels a little better since going to town. Passed some folks on the road this eve. I bought a white wash skirt looks like satin. Paid eight dollars for it. Too much but very pretty.

Sunday was a  lovly day. All but Ruby went to church this afternoon. Only Uncle Edds & Aunt Tillie there besides us and the minister. We went for a little ride this evening, so Ruby wouldn’t feel so lonesome. Will Tresidders came down to John’s today. Monday was another nice day. Ruby & I each sent for a white silk Georgette waist today. Five ninety-five each. We washed and ironed today. I cut some lawn. Dad cut hay.

July 1 We hauled two loads of hay late this afternoon. Ruby picked some gooseberries. I cut some lawn. On Wednesday we all went  to Galena this forenoon, Hauled hay today four loads. We all took a ride up to Aunt Annie’s this eve. Thursday, July 3, 1919 we all went to Galena this forenoon. Ma bought a white skirt, also shoes and a pair for me. Also paid my dentist bill - twenty one dollars. Well, tomorrow is the Fourth. Big celebration at Scales Mound but Ruby & I didn’t get our waists today.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Changes - Beaus and Stoves

Friday, June 20, 1919: Hauled two loads of alfalfa this afternoon. I went up to Aunt Annie’s to pick strawberries. We picked quite a lot. But there was so many rotten ones. It’s a shame. I got quite a few. We picked them off tonight. Saturday, we hauled three loads of alfalfa in the forenoon. This evening Dad, Ruby & I autoed to Galena. Came home rather early for fear of rain. Mother had company - Agnes, Milton & Blanche.

Sunday there were no services at Union. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s to dinner. This afternoon Ben came along so Ruby came on home with him. He had horse & buggy as usual. They drove up as far as Singer Cemetery. Ben was here for supper. I guess its his last visit.  Hauled in three more loads of hay on Monday. Have some out yet. And its coming to a storm. Wish it wouldn’t rain on it. Tuesday had an awful electrical storm during the night. The folks hauled in one load of hay towards evening.

Wednesday,  Aunt Tillie came down in the afternoon. We picked a few strawberries yet for supper. Ma & Ruby washed an awful big washing and hauled another load alfalfa. Finished. Found the little calf dead this evening. It was weak and it got in the creek and couldn’t get out. Dad skinned it. Thursday, June 26,1919, we got up early this morn. Dad, Ma & I went to Galena early. Took in the calf hide and had a little other important business. An Odd Fellows Steam Boat excursion today. Would like to have gone very badly. And really would have if I had known something before. A beautiful day, but warm. We bought and brought home a new Perfection oil stove. Equipped with back and oven for thirty one dollars. Brought it home in the Ford. Dad, Ma, & I had to ride in the front seat. Aunt Annie rode down with us. Dad stood on running board. Ruby & Tillie picked some gooseberries this after. We took Aunt Annie home this eve.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Shooting in Galena

Friday, June 13, 1919: Mr. Palmer went away this morning. Hot day today. We wanted to go to Scales Mound to the Sunday School convention tonight. The weather wasn’t looking good when we started. When we got up there it lightened so came right back. Just got home before it rain. Didn’t rain much. But I guess they got it in some places, maybe Scales Mound. Saturday was very busy. Stormy looking all day but it cleared off a little better towards eve. So we got ready and went to Galena. Didn’t get there till after nine oclock. The town was crowded. Got home alright.

Sunday we all went to church in the afternoon. Mr. Cavanaugh is going to stay. The Elder wouldn’t accept his resignation. Ben said at church he wouldn’t be over this evening. He has a little business in Galena. So we all went down to Tresidder’s this eve. Monday, Ruby & I picked cherries in the forenoon till a storm came up. Rained the rest of the day. We put up seven quarts of cherries. Have a few more to pick yet. I picked two soup bowls of strawberries. Have some more to pick yet.

Tuesday, I picked another bowl of strawberries, also picked more cherries. We washed. Wednesday, we ironed and baked bread. Made cherry cream pies. Ma worked some in garden. Dad cut some alfalfa. Had another hard storm and rain during the night. Thursday, June 19, 1919 Ma & Ruby cleaned the cellar. A shooting occurred in Galena. Frank Willy shot Earl Fitch at noon. I suppose they had some trouble. Mr. Fitch was a cashier in a bank. Aunt Tillie came in to Aunt Annie’s today.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Strawberries Um-Um

Friday, June 6, 1919: Rainy again this morning. Ruby & I went to town again today. The dentist just treated the two teeth again. Roads awful muddy. On Saturday we were busy with Saturday work. We got so much work to do. Had some strawberries for supper tonight. First mess. A lovly evening tonight. Would like to have went to town the roads were good.

Sunday we all went to church in the morning. The minister has resigned. It will be his last Sunday next Sunday, Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down to dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Fiedler, Mary, Ida & Loretta came down this afternoon. And Ben was here this evening. It gets quite late till he goes home lately.
Monday was a very nice day, but warm. I hoed and weeded in the garden and cut lawn today. Had a big dish of strawberries for supper. Um Um.

Tuesday we washed. Also ironed some clothes from last week. Had an awful hard rain and storm last night. Wednesday we ironed. Ruby baked bread and a batch of cookies. Also made pie plant sauce. Had a storm at noon. Also a shower this afternoon. I cut some lawn. We worked in garden.

Thursday, June 12, 1919: Dad & I went to Galena this afternoon with the car. Took in the wool. Had seventy nine and one half pounds and got fifty-five cents per pound. Sold it to Hathaway. Well finished with my teeth today. Filled those front teeth but they don’t look as nice as I wanted them too. Also filled a wisdom tooth. Don’t know the bill yet. When we got home Rev. Elvin Palmer was here. He came last Monday. This evening we all rode up to Uncle Edd’s. Mr. Palmer is going to stay here all night.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Storms on The Horizon

Sunday, June 1 1919: Had quite a storm and lots of rain in the night. I got up at six oclock new time this morning. They were here to breakfast and dinner. Started from here at one. Afraid it might come to rain again. Dad went over the Station at noon today to get Ma. Before they got home Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came along. Aunt Annie staid here. Aunt Maggie went up after supper with Aunt Annie. Looked stormy this eve. Also rain later on. Ben didn’t come.

Monday we tore off the paper in the kitchen today. And washed woodwork. Wanted to paper ceiling but didn’t get it done. Tuesday the weather brightened up a little so Ma & I drove to Galena. The roads were awful bad. Then the dentist only treated my two front teeth. Took out the stuff and put in new. Looked like a storm on the way home but it didn’t rain till tonight when it rain awful hard. And stormed so. The lightning was terrible. About ten oclock saw a reflection on the sky of a fire over towards Werner’s or Spensley’s. It looked as though it might be nearby. We thought we would go up on the hill to see but thought the grass to wet.

Wednesday we heard that the fire was up on Tom Pooley’s farm. Two barns burned. Also hay, oats and machinery. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie took Aunt Maggie to town today to go home. Cleared off today. This evening the sky was just pink up north, I suppose it was the Northern lights. We papered the kitchen today, a tan paper.

Thursday we straightened up the kitchen in the forenoon. Uncle Edd came down to shear the sheep. Aunt Annie came along. Had ten sheep to shear. After dinner Uncle Edd went down to Weis’ and Tresidder’s to shear their sheep. Found several ripe strawberries yesterday and today.

Monday, May 30, 2011

No Memorial Day Yet

Thursday May 23, 1919: Made bread today. Also planted late potatoes. Made a spice cake. And fixed a little on the car. Raining tonight. Hear that Henry Zarndt came home from Lacross Sunday eve. Friday Ruby & I went to Galena in the buggy as the roads are rather muddy. The dentist didn’t work much on my teeth just put some stuff in two front teeth to treat them. One aches tonight. Ruby bought herself new white skirt for four ninety-five. Saturday my face was all swelled up and achy. Baked bread & coffee cake & cake. Ruby did. She getting to be quite a cook.

Sunday Mom and Ruby went to church in the morning. I was an awful funny looking human. Face all swelled up. No company in the afternoon, but had some this eve. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie, John, Agnes, Milton, and Blanche were up. Also Ben Y. He staid till late. Monday was beautiful day. Well I guess Ruby gave B her promise last night. Dad, Ruby & I autoed to Galena in the morning. The Dentist stuck in a needle or something away up at the root of the tooth where it was so swollen. Left out pus. It feels lots better now. Bought a roll of bard wire. Had a puncture in front tire on the way home from a tack. Put in a new tube. Our neighbors had to appear before the jury this afternoon. But were out in the field again late this afternoon. Coming quite an excitement in the neighborhood.

Tueday  Ma ironed. Dad & Ruby finished planting corn in the afternoon. Wednesday Ruby & I got an graduation invitation to the Galena commencement exercises June 5 from Thelma Davis. A warm day. The picnic at Ford School was today. But I didn’t feel hardly able to go. And Ruby didn’t feel like walking up either. Wanted to go badly. Weis girls & Agnes & Blanche went. Thursday, Ruby went over to Sadie Bastian’s in the  afternoon. I went up on John’s hill to pick asparagus. Called in to John Tippet’s as Aunt Annie was staying with the baby while Ethel, Mary and Grandpa Tippet and Uncle Edd went over the grave yard. Ascension Day today. And so many many cars on the road. Warm day.

Friday about ten oclock we started out for Apple River. Roads were good. Took an hour and fifteen minutes. Stopped in Scales Mound awhile. Had dinner at Grandpa’s. After dinner we went up to  the hall heard the priest speak. Also had supper at Grandpa’s. The weather didn’t look good. Afraid we’d get wet yet. But got home without getting wet. Then the clouds scattered. Mother staid out to Apple River and Aunt Maggie came in. Myrtle Graham graduates tonight. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie started out for Schapville. Saturday, May 31 was a very hot day. After dinner it came to quite a storm. Rained quite hard. After the rain a Ford stopped and it was Uncle Bens & Mr. William. They were to Galena and when it looked like rain started out for here. But got caught on the road. Some were wet. We were very much surprised. It rained again tonight. Had quite a time to get them all put away for the night.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away, Always Changing the Plans For The Day

Friday, May 16, 1919: Ruby cleaning the hall. Ma finished ironing. I cut lawn. Dad is plowing. Saturday we were busy all day. In the evening, we all went to town again. Getting quite sporty. Well, Ruby is going to Dubuque tomorrow. An awful crowd in town. There is quite an excitement about some of the neighbors. The sheriff has been out after one. Uncle Georges are coming in to Aunt Annie’s tomorrow.

Sunday: Well, Ben & Ruby started at nine for Dubuque. Intend to go to church in Dubuque. After dinner all of Uncle Georges and Mr. Sam Hanson and Clifford Price came in to Aunt Annie’s with the Buick and the Ford. Had to sell Wesley some gas. He  thought the carbruater leaked. First time we met Mr. Hanson. It came to look like rain toward evening. Uncle Georges started for home. Then we did. It rained a little on the way home and was rainy all evening but not enough to make the roads slippery. As it started to rain at seven I thought sure Ruby & Ben would have started for home early. But it was after ten when they got home. Thought surely something happened to them. They say from Dubuque to Hazel Green the roads were awful muddy. Had quite a time getting up one hill.

Monday we washed. Started to plant corn. I went with Agnes & Blanche to cut asparagus. The sheriff was out to the neighbors' again today and took him along.  Tuesday, Dad & Ruby finished planting that piece of corn today. I had an appointment with the dentist, so Ma and I drove Pet to town. I had a wisdom tooth filled and two more teeth pulled*. It hurt a little and it aches this evening. Two big fellow heads about all teeth. Wednesday, May 22, 1919:  We ironed. Also did some sewing or mending. Raining a little and raining quite a lot tonight.

* If someone has the time, count all the teeth that Lillian has had pulled between Vols. I & II of Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past. I am quite sure she has had more teeth pulled than is humanly possible to have had in her mouth. Same goes for Ruby.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love Is In The Air ~ Or Is It?

Friday, May 2, 1919: Clouded up and started to rain again this evening. Ironed today. Also baked bread and coffee cake. Ruby cleaned my room. Received from Sears Roebuck the wall paper for the kitchen. Brown varnished paper. I trimmed most of it today. Saturday was very rainy again. Baked a cake and cookies. Sunday was cloudy and looked like it might rain any minute. Mr. Cavanaugh called up to know if he should come up to Union. Uncle Edd thought not. But later on it started to clear off. Dad, Ma and I went up to Aunt Annie’s in the afternoon. Ruby staid at home to do up the chores early. She thought she might have company. And she did. The parlor was used tonight. Milton came down with the ‘flu’ today. Had the doctor this evening, nearly all of Fiedlers sick.

Monday was cloudy again. We tore up the parlor and tore off the paper. Tomorrow the woodwork has to be painted. Ruby has to decide a question soon. Tuesday was rainy all day, three or four storms. A little sunshine between several times. I painted three chairs and Ruby and I painted the woodwork of the parlor.
Wednesday, Aunt Annie came down in the forenoon and in the afternoon we papered the parlor ceiling. Ma also churned. Ruby baked bread (about the first time). Getting interested. Milton and Fiedlers are getting better. A nice day for once.

Thursday, Pete McDonald* was here for breakfast. But it was before I got up. He always likes to get a meal here. I painted in the morning. Ruby & I went to town in the afternoon in the old buggy. Got thirty-nine cents for eggs. Couldn’t get an appointment with the dentist till a week from Tuesday. Friday, we finished painting the parlor in the forenoon. Ruby and I papered the parlor. Aunt Annie came down in the evening. The paper looks quite dark. It has a rose applique border.

Saturday we had to straighten up the parlor today. Very busy. We all autoed to Galena early in the evening. Bought Ma a hat. About half past ten when we got home. An awful big crowd in town tonight. Something new for us to go to town Saturday night. Well, Ruby isn’t going to Dubuque tomorrow. Sunday was a lovly day. We all went to church in the morning. In the afternoon we autoed to Scales Mound. Thought we would see Charles. But he has gone out to Washington. Has a girl out there. Saw a German helmet and belt and a cap taken off a dead Hun. Grahams were up to Aunt Lizzie’s too. Ben was here in the evening. Elmer is going away to be operated on again Tuesday.

Monday I cut some lawn. We also planted early potatoes and Ma & Ruby planted more garden stuff. Received a dress today from Philkipsborn today. I didn’t like it very well but Ma thinks its nice. Tuesday Ruby cleaned the bedroom. After dinner Ruby & I went to Scales Mound. Our first trip alone with the car, at least for that far. I wanted o see if I could get the car fixed. But Mr. Bird was too busy. He opened the spark plugs for me anyway. Got fourty-two cents for eggs at Tippet’s. We also bought a hundred bran. On our way home on Kane Hill a Ford was coming as we were going up. I got to far to the side in the ditch one wheel went down. The man in the other Ford backed it out for me after awhile. A Kane boy, an old man & Ruby & I pushed.

Wednesday we washed, churned, baked bread. We also cut lawn, straightened up the bedroom and set two hens*. Bernetta invited us over the telephone last night to go to her picnic tomorrow. Would like to go.

Thursday, May 15: Threatened rain this morning. We did not think much of going to the picnic but about eleven it looked better. We hitched up Old Pet and went. Twelve before we started but was over there a long time before we had dinner. Not a very big crowd there. Had dinner outdoors. Had lots of good things. Had a big basket of oranges and bananas, lots of ice cream and candy, besides other dinner. Lots of cake. Bernetta must have spent a lot. Josie, Helen & Bessie were over there. Bessie rode part way home with us. Had a nice time. But hardly had time to go.

*Pete MacDonald ~ not sure who this person is but he weaves in and out of the pages of Lillian's diaries, always asking for a meal and not smelling any too nice....maybe he was one of the first homeless people in the Galena area. Have any ideas on this?
* Set two hens ~ if you have never set a hen check out the glossary in Vol. 2 of Lillian's Diaries: Whisper of Galena's Past for a definition.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Watch Out For Those Grass Seeders

Friday April 25,1919: Cold again today. Had an awful hard frost last night. I think ice on a tub of water. Made bread and coffee cake and a cake. Well, this evening Ruby and I went over to the Miner’s Social with Josie, Helen & Bert. We walked. Quite a crowd there. Had a very good program. Tresidders were over. Blanche had to sit on the platform holding a doll while Mrs. Wingler sang. Baskets sold well, none below a dollar. Ruby’s brought a dollar. Joe Dower had hers.He had two others. Archie Virtue bought mine for a dollar and a half and also Miss Reddington’s. Fourth time I got a Virtue. First time a cousin of theirs, second and third time Charlie Virtue and now Archie Virtue. Had a very nice time. Very interesting. Got home at half past twelve.

Saturday was very nice day. A great celebration at Galena today. One hundredth anniversary of the Odd Fellows.* We didn’t go. Ma & Ruby made some garden today. The first we made. Sunday was rainy in the morning. Ma & Ruby went up on the hill this morning but didn’t see anybody at church so came home again. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down to dinner today. Rainy this afternoon and eve. Monday was well cloudy in the morninbg and road muddy. Dad & Ruby went to town to the big celebration this forenoon with Old Pet in the buggy. I had a chance to go with Uncle Edd but didn’t know what to do. Just awfully dissappointed. In spite of the muddy roads just an awful lot of cars went by also teams. They saw Charles Trudgian in town. He has been home since Wednesday. He’s working roads now driving tractor. It wasn’t such a bad day after all (the weather).

Tuesday we cleaned the rag room. At noon John Tresidder asked to borrow our grass seeder. After dinner he came up to get it. Came up in the car. I was looking out the window to see him crank it. It back fired and hurt his arm or wrist. We bathed it in hot water thought probably it was only a sprain. Also put linament on it. It began to swell. Couldn’t use his hand, so I drove him home. He had the spark to far advanced that why he broke his arm. Also the car was missing one cylinder. Then Agnes thought he’d better got to the doctor so I said I would take him in. I had to have other clothes on so we drove back up. His car went so bad that we took our car. The doctor said the both bones in his arm were broken. Said it would be four weeks before it could be taken out of the cask. Ruby went to town too. Then when we got home I had to drive John’s car down again.

Wednesday, was  raining all day today. Ruby cleaned Dad’s & Ma’s room today. Thursday,May 1, 1919, it rained a little. Cleared up this afternoon. Ma washed today or finished. She started yesterday.

*Odd Fellows: An altruistic and benevolent fraternal organization dedicate to improving and elevation the character of mankind, aiding the community, the less fortunate, youth and the elderly. ( You will be happy to know that starting with Vol. 2 there is a glossary that covers many of the words and expressions that you may not be familiar with. If, when reading Lillian, you see a word that you think needs to be defined just let me know through the blog or on Facebook Group "Lillian's Readers" and I will add it to the glossary for Vol. 3, which will be out in August 2011 in honor of Lillian's birthday)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 18, 1919: We baked bread and coffee cake. Also ironed. Saturday, Dad, Ruby & I went to town in the car. The roads wasn’t so bad as I thought they might be but the car didn’t go very good. We brought home a big load. 100 oyster shells, plow, groceries, & etc. Got thirty-seven cents per dozen for thirty-one dozen eggs. I made an appointment with the dentist for next Monday at two. Sunday

Sunday was a  Beautiful Easter day. Warm. Ma, Ruby & I went to church in the afternoon. Picked some flowers to put in church. Agnes, Milton & Blanche walked home with us to pick some flowers. Our sow had four little pigs today. Tuesday Uncle Edd, Aunt Annie & John were here this evening. But didn’t have any other company. Monday was another nice day. Ruby & I drove Pet to town today. Had a xray picture taken of my two front teeth and two teeth pulled upper jaw left side. Awful hard getting out broke off a good many times. In a way it didn’t hurt but wasn’t very pleasant. In a little while it started to ache and ached till I went to bed. Ruby bought a pair of brown shoes for five dollar and I a brown pair oxfords for four dollars.

Tuesday my jaw or whatever it is doesn’t ache any more. Another lovly day. Washed. Also ironed all but the starched clothes. I baked a batch of cookies in the  afternoon. Also made rhubard sauce. Ma & Ruby cleaned some weeds out of the strawberry patch. Dad hauled manure on garden also started to plow it.

Wednesday, we finished ironing and  also baked bread. Had an awful storm and heavy rain early in the morning. Can’t plow the garden now for a long time. I wanted to go to Scales Mound too awfully bad to get the car fixed up. I painted three chairs this afternoon.

Thursday April  24: Ma and Ruby cleaned Ruby’s room today. Also went up to Aunt Annie’s and got three bushels of potatoes. Also went over to Hammer’s and got one bushel of early potatoes. Quite cold today. We got our parlor paper from Montgomery Ward.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Little Extra

Some readers from Lillian's Diaries Vol. 2 are having trouble posting their reviews on ( yes they have already finished reading the book) so I have suggested they write their reviews on this website. Look for some upcoming reviews to appear here. I always like to hear from readers about Lillian's Diaries, as their comments help me shape the next volume.

Speaking of next volume, how do you feel about Lillian's Diaires as a "book group" book. I am thinking of adding a series of questions to Vol. 3 that would encourage discussion on the book, the time period, the location and, of course, the main character. Do you think that might be appealing to some people? Send me your thoughts on the subject.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eggs .36 a dozen ~ Wallpaper $6.66 for a Parlor

Saturday, April 5, 1919: We wanted to go to town today. But it rained this morning so we didn’t go. Showery late this afternoon. Aunt Annie came down today. It is warmer today. Sunday was very warm, too warm to wear a coat. Lots of cars on the road. We all went to church in the afternoon. In the evening Agnes, Blanche, and Milton came up. No other company.

Monday it stormed several times during the night and again in the afternoon. Had lots of rain. The grass is very nice and green. Hope it clears now. Tuesday Ruby & I intended to go to town but Aunt Annie said Uncle Edd was going in and we could go and would take the eggs. So I went in with Uncle Edd. We had thirty five dozen. Took to Sheean. Got thirty-five and a half cents. I went to the dentist and made an appointment for next Tuesday. Aunt Annie was down here today.

Wednesday we started to wash but it was so rainy we didn’t hang any out. Ma sewed on my dress. Thursday was reading day and rainy all day so we didn’t get our wash out again. Friday we finished washing and also ironed. Cloudy yet today. Thursday Dad went to town. He got thirty six cents a dozen for eggs at Stauss’. Weather cleared off today. Do hope it will keep clear for awhile.

Sunday we all went to church in the morning. Then we went down to John’s for dinner. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie were there too. Had two guineas for dinner. This afternoon Milton, Blanche, Ruby & I took a walk away down to the Old Bartell house. Thought we would find some flowers but only found one crocus. Had company this evening. Also a little excitement. Monday was rainy, cold, and very windy all day. Ma cut out and sewed on Ruby’s green gingham dress. I finished a crochet yoke.

Tuesday was still rainy and cold. It was an awful day. I did not go to town to the dentist today. It wasn’t fit for a dog to be out. Ma was sewing and I was making up a corset cover with crochet yoke.  Wednesday was still chilly and rainy. Ruby & I drove up to Aunt Annie’s this afternoon to get some potatoes. Dad is fixing fence. Had pie plant sauce today. Thursday, April 17th was a nice day. It cleared off for once. We washed today. Sent for paper for the parlor today. It will cost $6.66.

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Family Ties

Our son-in-law, Todd Nettlehorst is an up and coming photographer and I think you will enjoy his work. Check out his blog at His three lovely daughters are often the source of photos, but his animal and scenery pics are fantastic too!

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Basket Socials Still a Draw in Galena

Friday, March 21, 1919: Busy getting ready for the social but didn’t know how to go. Thought probably B. would say something but didn’t. We didn’t know if we should ask Weis or not. Ma went with us up to Uncle Edd’s. Then he had to get ready yet. I was quite late but not too late when we got there. A fairly good crowd. Good program. Twenty-nine baskets I believe. Charlie Virtue bought mine for two dollar and five cents. Ruby’s was sold first for a dollar five. Charlie Zarndt was the buyer. B & E* were there. They bought two baskets a piece. It was about half past twelve when we got home. Weises didn’t go.

Saturday Ruby & I drove up to Scales Mound in the buggy. Had a sale up there so there was a big crowd. Roads are quite good till the foot of Temperly's Hill. Up the Mound they are bad. Ruby & I each got a new spring bonnet. Each of shiny black straw, mine is green in under and some on top. Ruby’s was five fifty mine four fifty. Sunday was a very nice spring day. Dad & Ruby walked over the Station to Quarterly Meeting Services. John T. did also. He came back with them. Had dinner here. Agnes, Milton & Blanche came up this afternoon. Didn’t have any company. Don’t have anybody to expect now I’m sure. Monday Dad, Ruby & I burned a brush pile up in the orchard in the  afternoon. Also cleaned up lots more trees and limbs. Started to rake lawn.

Tuesday we washed. Also baked bread and raked some lawn. Wednesday was cooler. Ironed today. Baked patty cakes**. Pumped tires and etc. Neighbors are plowing with tractors. Thursday web fiddled away some time looking over car and raked some lawn today. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down this evening.

B & E*  = I believe these are the Young boys , Ben and Elmer. People who knew the Trudgian family back then have said that Ruby was once in "love" with Ben. I have always wondered if Lillian was interested in his brother Elmer.
Patty cakes** = is one of the terms which appear in the glossary found in Vol. II of " Lillian's Diaires: Whispers of Galena's Past".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Galena's Social Life

Friday, March 7, 1919: We ironed, baked bread, coffee cake and a cake today. Had a calf dehorned and a ring put in the bull's nose. Had to drive them down to Tresidder’s. Saturday I baked a batch of cookies today. Snow is going fast today. Sunday, Dad & Ma went to church this afternoon. Ruby & I didn’t go because our colds were to bad. Aunt Annie came down and staid with us while Uncle Edd went to church. They spent the evening here. Didn’t have any more company tonight.

Monday, A lovly day. Doing a little sewing. Dad hauling manure.Tuesday was another nice day. Snow about all gone. Sewing some today. Heard today that there is going to be a social at Independence School Friday night. I guess Bernetta is going to try her luck. Ruby & I also got a card inviting us to a novelty shower at Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Tippet in honor of Irma Falancer Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, was nice day. We washed and ironed and baked bread today. Quite good I think. Thursday Milton brought us up a box of honey for our colds I guess. Cloudy and windy today. Ruby & I walked went over to the Station this afternoon to get some things. But couldn’t get no fruit for our basket very troubled about it. And we haven’t anything yet for the shower yet. Don’t know how we shall make out yet. Friday was called up this morning to tell us the Independence Social is put off. Some of the children are sick. Dad went to town today with Johns. The roads are terrible. Dad bought us several dishes to take to the shower tomorrow. Uncle Edd went to town this after. Aunt Annie came down to stay all night. Raining tonight.

Saturday,rainy today. Didn’t know if we should go to the shower or not. Sometimes it looked brighter. Josie said if we could go she thought she could to. It started to rain when we got down there. It rained awfully hard. So when it stopped a little we came home. Don’t think there was many to the shower. Bernetta didn’t come. She thought she would come and go with us. Uncle Edd didn’t come home so Aunt Annie is going to stay with us again tonight.

Sunday, the weather wasn’t very good this morning so we didn’t go to church. Aunt Annie went home this afternoon. Didn’t have any company this eve. A nice evening, but muddy of coarse. Monday, a lovly spring day. Ma fried down pork. I made a petticoat for myself. Dad chopping posts and stakes. Got thirty eggs tonight most for the season. St. Patrick’s Day but didn’t celebrate in no way. Tuesday, another spring day. Saw the first robin today. Ruby & I dressed in pantaloons went up the woods to chop this afternoon. Chopped off a haw tree and piled brush. Wednesday, we washed today. A nice day.

Thursday, March 20: We ironed baked bread and filled cookies. Ruby also cleaned out the chicken house. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s this eve. Uncle Edd offered to go with us to the social if we wanted to.

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Volume II - Now Available

  The saga continues as 1920 begins and you can once again catch up with Lillian's friends and relatives as she notes what is going on in 1920-1925. These are the lost years that I thought I would never have the opportunity to transcribe and through a Galena connection I now have in my posession! 

If you read the second volume please thinks about doing a review on or emailing me with comments, changes you would like to see in the final volume or something you enjoyed in this volume. If you discover something about your family in this book, please let me know! 

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Uncle Henry Dittmar's Visit

Saturday, March 1, 1919: Colder today. Will make nice sleighing. Dad hauling straw from up at Landos Bastian’s. John bought it for $25.00. We’re to have half. Late this afternoon Uncle Henrys came in the sleigh. Uncle Henry, Aunt Lue, Olive, Clifford, Marvin, Alverna and Dorothy. Had lots of noise tonight. Sunday Uncle Henry, Aunt Lue, Dorothy, Dad, Ruby & I went to church this forenoon. The minister didn’t show up. Don’t know what the trouble was. Only William B., John and Milton there besides us. The folks went over to Alvin Hammer’s this afternoon. Pa and Ma went up to Aunt Annie’s. Didn’t see anything of S.S. today. But had company this evening, B. Ruby is asked to go to a show (movie) Tuesday eve.

Monday Ma went up to Aunt Annie’s to help keep the children while Uncle Henry and Aunt Lue went to Galena. They staid up to Aunt Annie’s again tonight. Ma came home tonight. Tuesday Uncle Henrys came down this forenoon. They expected to go home today but it snowed all day so they didn’t go. Of course because it was stormy Ruby didn’t go to the show.

Wednesday was clear and colder. Uncle Henrys expected to go home this morning. But as Aunt Lue wasn’t feeling well they didn’t go till this afternoon. Thursday Dad went to Galena in the cutter. Paid the taxes.  It was sixty-two dollars. Ruby & I got awfully bad colds. We washed today.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Sad Departing and a Mysterious Visitor

Saturday, February 15, 1919: Had to work hard to get ready. We started from here at twenty-minutes to five with Pet and Uncle Edd’s Prince in the hack. My but the roads were terrible. Partly frozen and broken thro and some drifts op on the ridge but it was a beautiful moonlight night. We got out at Uncle Joe’s at ten after nine four hours and a half. Ma came down there too today. Uncle Herman looks real nice. But they have his head turned so one side of his head couldn’t be seen. One eye was all black. I guess the brain was pressed outward. Uncle Ben said it was an awful sight. He did not regain consciouness. An awful hole on the side of head. He has a very nice coffin. His shoulder was broke also a thumb. It is bluish gray brocaded. We had a supper at midnight then went to bed.

Sunday was the funeral. It was quite a large one. Grandpa and Aunt Annie, Maggie and Tillie did not come to the funeral. None able unless Aunt Annie. Maybe she wasn’t. Uncle George, Aunt Lizzie, Mayme and Wesley hired a team and rig to come. Uncle Dan came down with Hammers this morning. Mrs. and Miss Wilson and Ehardt & John D and Mr. Shapp sang at the house and church, also at the grave. It was about half past twelve when we got to the church. Wesley, Raymond, John Westaby, Walter Schlichting, Herbert Brickner, and Adam Dittmar’s son were pallbearers. He had three spray of flowers, all of carnations but one had some different flower along with them -white and pink carnations. One from the family, one from Apple River Sunday School and one from the Woodbine Sunday School and another from the Young People’s Society of Schapville Church. Uncle Dan took two spray up to Apple River for the folks. The minister preached a sermon in German and one in English. We staid around the church and got warmed up a little before we started for home. We started at two oclock got home four thirty.

Monday Mother called up from Apple River this afternoon. Just wanted to know how we got home. Didn't do much but chores today. Tuesday I baked bread. One sheep had a lamb today. But lay on it and killed it. Wednesday I baked pies, (squash pies) and biscuits.  Ma called up today. Said she is coming home in the morning.

Thursday Ruby and I went to meet Ma in the forenoon. It snowed this afternoon, an awful storm. Aunt Annie isn’t coming home for a few days yet. Friday was cloudy. Dad got a load of straw down at John’s today.

Saturday was snowy today. Dad has the toothache. Uncle Edd went out to Apple River today. Sunday was a nice day but very muddy. And what do you suppose? Who came at about half past one S.S (guess) I was very very much surprised. Ruby and I were just getting ready to go to church. We run up stairs got ready and climbed out the parlor window and went to church. Dad and Ma had to entertain. The mystery is which one?* (no one).* Ethel, Ruby & I called into Tresidder’s awhile after church. Uncle Edd came down tonight. He was home today. But did not have any other company.

* Who is S.S. nad what was he to Lillian? She eludes to liking someone here and there thoughout 1918 and 1919 it a beau? Maybe the answer will be revealed in Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past, Vol. II.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 7, 1919: A lovly day. Dad had to go to Galena today with John to help him bring home a thorough bred cow. Ruby baked a cake. Ma bread & coffee cake. Saturday We didn’t know if we should try to take the car to town today or not. Didn’t have the tires pumped up. So Ma and Ruby went with Pet. A very nice day. Sunday was another lovly day. Uncle Edd came down to dinner. We all went to church this afternoon. I had to play the organ. Well, Ma went in to Agnes’ from church and Blanche came up here. So this evening we took her down. When we were nearly there we met Ben. So he went in there too. Don’t know how he liked it. Uncle Edd was down there to.

Monday we took the car out today for the first time this eve. We went as far as Tresidder’s then up the road past the school house and back. Afraid the weather is going to change. John Tresidder came up and helped Dad butcher a hog. Quite a few cars on the road. Tuesday I got a Valentine. I know who its from if it doesn’t say. Found the little pig “Jane” dead this morning. Late this afternoon we thought we would try to auto to Scales Mound but up on the ridge it was muddy and bad in  places so we came home again. The car runs junk anyway. Very warm.

Wednesday was a nother warm day. Ruby and I washed this afternoon. Ma busy with the sausage, lard, & etc. Thursday, it rained last night and this morning. Its very muddy now. It was terribly windy. Rainy again this evening. Ironed today. Friday we had very sad news this forenoon about half past ten. Uncle George called up said Uncle Herman was killed, yesterday afternoon by a tree falling on him. He was living yet but died soon after. Aunt Annie answered the telephone it was an awful shock for her. I had to tell Ma but told her first that he was awfully hurt. He was down at Fred Horsch’s went down this evening. If John will do our chores we aregoing to go Uncle Ben’s. Of course we don’t know much particulars. Aunt Annie and Ma went out to Apple River this afternoon. Uncle Edd took them to town. Uncle Edd is going to drive out tomorrow toward evening. Ma called up this evening. Said he and Mr. Horsch was cutting down a tree near the house and the tree fell the wrong way and hit Uncle Herman on the side of the head. The funeral will be Sun. morning at half past tem from Uncle Joe’s.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Trudgian''s "Pets"

Saturday, February 1, 1925: Della died today. This forenoon of old age. She has so poor lately. Dad went to town today. He had to pull Della away yet when he got home. Dragged the road by here today. Dad said there was lots of cars in town today. Sun 2: Ground Hog Day. Cloudy. Dad & Ruby went to church this morning. Didn’t have any company. It rained a little this eve. Ma & Ruby laughing at me because I look funny because my face is swelled but don’t think I look so funny as I did yesterday.

Monday: Dad and Ruby buried Poor Old Della up near Nellie, Della’s colt and a steer*. All kinds of weather today. Windy and cold tonight. Tuesday we did some sewing. Dad went over to John Combellick’s and got a load of oats. Wednesday was a very nice day. We washed today. Ruby and I went up to Aunt Annie’s. We got a letter from Aunt Tillie. She is getting better slowly. Aunt Maggie is still in bed. Aunt Annie expects to go out to Apple River tomorrow.

Thursday there is a cattle show in Galena. It is reading day*.

* Pets or work animals - there does not appear to be a difference between them - were given much respect and a proper burial by the Trudgians. Next time I am in Galena I am going to walk the back acres by the knoll and see if there are any stones marking the graves of these many animals who came and went.
* Reading Day. I checked at the Historical Research Room at Galena's Public Library about this. They were nice enough to check some reading groups that met at the library and had reading days during this time period. Unfortunately, the Trudgian name was not found in the membership minutes of these groups. Early on (1913) in Lillian's diaries she mentions books -geography, writing, literature books she had at home and is using for Reading Day. Perhaps, since neither she or Ruby attended high school, this was a home schooling curriculum they were following. Reading Day appears in her diaries into the late twenties, just not as frequently as it did in the early years. Anyone have a better idea?

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Lillian's Diaries Vol. II: Out late February 2011

Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past Vol.II will be out by the end of February 2011. This volume will cover the years 1920 through 1925. World War I is over and the boys are returning home as Galena mourns the young men who have given their lives for their country. Lillian is still living with her family on the farm on StageCoach Trail, but there are big changes coming for the family.

For the rest of this year I will be posting entries from 1919 to help set the tone for the new volume. Both volumes will be available to you on and at Book World in Galena, IL. One or both of the volumes will be available on at an expanded list of distribution venders such as Barnes and Noble and maybe at your local library. I hope to hear your thoughts as you delve into Lillian's Diaries. Remember they are written almost as Lillian penned them in her diaries.

January 1919
Wed 1: Happy New Year. Well, we had a big dinner today; goose, dressing, gravy, asparagus, cabbage slaw, pickles, mashed potatoes, celery, apricots, squash pie, pie plant pie, bread, butter, cream, saffron buns, white date cake, fruit cake, as tidbits candy, oranges, bananas, cigars. Uncle Edd, Aunt Annie, John, Agnes, Milton, and Blanche were up here. Quite a little snow fell last night and this morning. But the sun shined part of the day. Tonight clear and cold.

Thu 2: Very cold today. Clear and bright. This afternoon Dad went over the Station. Sold the hogs for Monday at seventeen cents. Dad bought a little pig of Amos Ford for two dollars. Only little one he had.

Fri 3: Very cold again today. Ma washed out a few things. Too cold to wash much. About eight below this evening.

Sat 4: Another very cold day. Too cold to go to town.

Sun 5: It got almost too late to go to church this morning and some of us got colds. Home all day and had no company. No, not even tonight. Not quite so cold today.

Mon 6: Dad took four hogs over the Station today. They weighed just three hundred each at seventeen dollars a hundred making two hundred four dollars all together.

Tue 7: Well today Dad and I took a cutter ride to town. Quite cold today. But not as cold as it has been I guess. We bought two wristwatches today. Ruby’s and my Christmas presents. They are very plain. Gold filled bracelet and watch case warranted for ten years and works for fifteen. Have Swiss movement. Fifteen dollar watches two for twenty-eight. Got our auto license today no. 22887.

Wed 8: We washed today. Clear and cold.

Thu 9: Reading day. We ironed today. A very beautiful day and evening. Beautiful sleighing and lots of teams on the road. Dad helped saw wood for Fiedlers today.

Fri 10: A very beautiful day. Baked bread and coffee cake today. Didn’t do much else in particular.

Sat 11: A great many teams and sleighs going by today to town. A nice day. Aunt Annie told Ma tonight that Elmer came home this morning from Brooklyn. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie were to town.

Sun 12: Quite warm today. The sleighing is getting poor. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s to supper. In the evening they had other company. They were here first although they didn’t say so.

Mon 13: Another warm day. Did some sewing today. Dad hauled some manure. Quite a celebration at Chicago today for the Black Hawks that have just returned from oversees.

Tue 14: Leroy Tresidders came down to John’s today. And Aunt Lizzie came down here with them. She said Charles had been in the hospital six weeks wounded. A nice day. Clifford Tresidder is home for good now. Came home Saturday eve.

Wed 15: Another lovly day. Dad helped saw wood down to Tresidder’s today. We baked bread, a cake and sewed a little.

Thu 16: Ma and Ruby went to Galena in the buggy this afternoon. Sleighing is done for. They got home at seven thirty. Dad hauled manure. Well in today’s paper it says that thirty-four states have ratified the National Prohibition Amendment. And thirty-six to ratify will make the U.S. bone dry. More states are voting on it.

Fri 17: Well thirty-eight states have ratified. Hurrah, a dry nation. A year from yesterday January 16, 1920. Sooner I guess as of next July 1 all the saloons were to be close anyway until the army was completely demobilized. We washed today. Very warm. We used the wash machine out in the kitchen.

Sat 18: Very warm today. Busy with Saturday work.

Sun 19: Dad, Ma, and Ruby went to church this forenoon. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down to dinner. Tresidders came up this afternoon. We had company this evening. Ruby or both of us are asked to go to Galena to a chicken pie supper in the Methodist Church Thursday evening. Suppose we’ll go but don’t want to.

Mon 20: Foggy today. Very warm. Ironed a little.

Tue 21: Finished ironing today. Also did some sewing. Foggy and warm. Aunt Annie got a letter from Aunt Tillie. She is sick now. Has the flu. Aunt Maggie is sick yet.

Wed 22: Another warm foggy day. Aunt Annie came down today. The roads are getting very muddy. Think the roads will be bad for tomorrow night. Also will be awful dark if it is like tonight.

Thu 23: A little cloudy today. Well we went tonight started here about half past five. By the time we got to town all the chicken pie was gone (we didn’t mind that) and everything else I guess. So we had supper at a restaurant. Then we went to Dreamland. After that came home. Had a box of candy to eat. The roads are very muddy. About eleven when we got home. Quite a time.

Fri 24: Clear and warm. A spring day. Didn’t get much done today.

Sat 25: Just a lovly day. It would be lovly automobiling today if it wasn’t muddy. Baking today. Dad splitting wood.

Sun 26: Another lovly day. Had company this afternoon, Bernetta and Thelma, quite a surprise. They walked down. Had a nice visit. They had supper with us. Then walked home. Dad and I was about ready to go to church when they came. Dad went to church. We didn’t have any company tonight. Hardly knew weather to expect it or not.

Mon 27: Warm again today. Ma cut out a dress for herself.

Tue 28: Cooler today. We all went up to Uncle Edd’s tonight. We washed today.

Wed 29: We ironed today. Another lovly day. Today Ruby & I got an invitation over to Mrs. Win Tippet’s for Friday afternoon to a sewing club for girls. Were to take our sewing.

Thu 30: Ruby & I drove to Scales Mound today. We called at Aunt Lizzie’s. The Red Cross met there this afternoon to work.

Fri 31: My but I’ve got the toothache in front tooth. Had it about all last night and all day. I couldn’t go over to the doings. Disappointed. Ruby got a ride home with Davises. Poor old Della lay down today and couldn’t get up again. Poor thing has to stay out all night.

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The Last Days of Lillian's 1925

This Sunday's entry will be the end of my blog entries for the next two weeks. I am in the final weeks of transcribing the 1920-1924 diaries which were found earlier in 2010 and the publisher is pushing to move forward to getting them to Lillian's readers. Look for Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past Vol. II at or BookWorld in Galena, IL on Valentine's Day 2-14-12. It will also be available at many other outlets such as Barnes & Noble. When I start the blog up again I will use 1919 as the year to post, which will set the tone for your reading of Volume II. Have a happy, healthy 2011. I hope you will join me mid-January for the weekly postings of Lillian's diaires.

Sunday, December 20, 1925: Cloudy & foggy today. Didn’t know if we should try to go to church this morning or not, but got ready. After we started we thought it too late so we went in to Aunt Annie’s. Then they would have us stay for dinner. This eve Ruby & Len went up to Scales Mound to church. Tresidders came up this eve.
Monday we washed. Len went out to Raymond’s that afternoon. We all went up school to a Christmas program. Santa Claus was there also. They had a tree too. Just the parents and a few extra ones. Jerry Kohlbauer & new wife were there.

Tuesday we made doughnuts and two batches of fondant.Also made up into bonbons a batch I made before Mother also ironed some. Got some Xmas cards. Wednesday got more Christmas card. Altho it was snowy, Len Ruby, Dad and I went to town. It stopped snowing in the fternoon. Took up a Xmas present each for Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie. They gave us some. I got gingham for a dress from Aunt Annie and a box of candy from Uncle Ed.

Thursday we were busy baking bread, saffron cake, a cake. Made a batch of candy chocolate coated the candy & etz. Snowing about all day. Going to have a white Xmas.
Friday, Merry Christmas. A cold Christmas. Didn’t know if we should try to go to Apple River or not, but got ready and started about ten thirty.Didn’t find the roads very good,some places so rutty so very hard to meet cars, but got there before twelve. Uncle Georges and Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie were there. Had a big dinner, a nice time. At four oclock we started for home. But as we didn’t drain the radiator out there it froze and the water and car got so awfully hot. Had to stop and let it cool off and get water several times, but home at six. Len & I took off the radiator and brought it in to thaw out. Very cold night.

Saturday was a very cold day, about eight below Zero all day. Baked pies and cleaned up. Sunday it was twenty below Zero in the morning. Very cold all day. So didn’t go anywhere and did not have any company. Monday was another very cold day. Mother went up to Fiedler’s in the morning to see if there is to be stock shipped from the Station today. Len took hogs over the Station. Tuesday it was very cold in the morning but more moderate in the afternoon. Len, Ruby & Mother went to town in theafternoon.

Wednesday we washed. It was a lovly clear day, and beautiful moonlight evening.
Thursday - The last day of nineteen twenty-five. A most beautiful day. Ironed and baked bread, saffron bread, cookies and etz. Len took some chickens to Scales Mound