Sunday, October 9, 2011

An Autumn Wedding

Friday October 3, 1919: We intended to go home this morning. But it rained early so didn’t prepare to go but then it cleared off. Grandpa was down stairs to dinner and supper today. First time since he was sick. Uncle Joes were up. We helped to make sourkraut this afternoon. Saturday we came home, walked. Had a hard rain about noon. And then an awful hard rain about five thirty. The creeks were higher here than I ever saw. The culbert was full and the water run over the top of the bridge and along the road. The awful best thing I ever saw. It took fences.

Sunday we all went to church in the afternoon. Uncle Edd, Aunt Annie, Tresidders, Wilbur B. & Ben Young werethere. Mr. Kravenberg’s last Sunday. He says we will have a student from Dubuque Presbyterian School to preach. We all went up to Uncle Edd’s  in the eve. Monday was a lovly day. It cleared off last night. Dad husked corn. Ma dug potatoes. Ruby picked apples. I picked up ground cherries. Tuesday we washed and hulled ground cherries. Ruby went down to Agnes’s to pick some hopps this afternoon. A lovly day.

Wednesday we ironed and also dug some potatoes. It is a very poor crop. Mary Tippet was married today at noon to Mr. Snow. They went to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Thursday, October 9, 1919: It was a beautiful day. Aunt Annie came down this forenoon. Brought us a sample of the wedding cake. Uncle Edd came down this evening. Hulled beans this eve.

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