Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 18, 1919: We baked bread and coffee cake. Also ironed. Saturday, Dad, Ruby & I went to town in the car. The roads wasn’t so bad as I thought they might be but the car didn’t go very good. We brought home a big load. 100 oyster shells, plow, groceries, & etc. Got thirty-seven cents per dozen for thirty-one dozen eggs. I made an appointment with the dentist for next Monday at two. Sunday

Sunday was a  Beautiful Easter day. Warm. Ma, Ruby & I went to church in the afternoon. Picked some flowers to put in church. Agnes, Milton & Blanche walked home with us to pick some flowers. Our sow had four little pigs today. Tuesday Uncle Edd, Aunt Annie & John were here this evening. But didn’t have any other company. Monday was another nice day. Ruby & I drove Pet to town today. Had a xray picture taken of my two front teeth and two teeth pulled upper jaw left side. Awful hard getting out broke off a good many times. In a way it didn’t hurt but wasn’t very pleasant. In a little while it started to ache and ached till I went to bed. Ruby bought a pair of brown shoes for five dollar and I a brown pair oxfords for four dollars.

Tuesday my jaw or whatever it is doesn’t ache any more. Another lovly day. Washed. Also ironed all but the starched clothes. I baked a batch of cookies in the  afternoon. Also made rhubard sauce. Ma & Ruby cleaned some weeds out of the strawberry patch. Dad hauled manure on garden also started to plow it.

Wednesday, we finished ironing and  also baked bread. Had an awful storm and heavy rain early in the morning. Can’t plow the garden now for a long time. I wanted to go to Scales Mound too awfully bad to get the car fixed up. I painted three chairs this afternoon.

Thursday April  24: Ma and Ruby cleaned Ruby’s room today. Also went up to Aunt Annie’s and got three bushels of potatoes. Also went over to Hammer’s and got one bushel of early potatoes. Quite cold today. We got our parlor paper from Montgomery Ward.

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