Sunday, August 14, 2011

County Fair Time

Hope you are busy reading volumes I and II of Lillian's Diaires as volume III Lillian's Diaries: Final Whispers of Galena's Past (1926-1931) will be out in the next 2-3 weeks. It will be available at,, Book World in Galena,IL and Mineral Book Connections in Mineral Point, WI. It should also begin showing up on other online bookstores and at some public libraries.

Friday, August 8, 1919 was very cool. Ruby & I picked and put up blackberries. Mother went up to the church and cleaned a little and cut off some weed. Then called in at Sadie’s awhile. Saturday I picked and put up some berries, Also pickled a half gallon of yellow beans, baked bread, coffee cake and cake. Dad, Ma & I went to Galena  in the evening. Ruby staid up to Aunt Annie’s. Not so many in town as usual.

Sunday all but Ruby went to church in the afternoon. Uncle Edds, Lottie, Jack, Alta, Sadie & Evelyn were there. In the evening we went over to Win Tippet’s. Took Uncle Edds along. Monday we put up ten quarts of peaches and cooked 4 pints of corn. Picked blackberries, made jelly and cut some lawn. Fiedlers thrashed. Weis did the job. Tuesday we washed. Put up four pints of sweet corn. Cut some lawn. Always busy.

Wednesday I ironed. Ruby & I picked a few blackberries, enough for supper and breakfast. Put up four pints of field corn. Cut some lawn. Had a heavy rain last night and early in the morning, then cleared. It is a beautiful day. Thursday August 14, 1919: A beautiful day. We all went to the Fair. Started at twelve thirty and drove the car in the Fairgrounds. A large crowd there. The grounds were just full of chance games or playing for dolls (especially). And most everything imagineable. One race horse broke its leg. Another ran away. We staid for evening. An awful crowd in the eve. The fireworks were just fine. Had singing, band music, acting and a girl wire walker - very good. We started for home at ten. Very much worn out. But not completely satisfied. Saw somebody early in the evening - alone.

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