Sunday, July 3, 2011

Priming For The 4th

Friday, June 27, 1919: Finished ironing. Ma & Ruby worked in garden. Tillie picked more gooseberries.

Saturday we baked a cake on the new oil stove. We have Aunt Annie's oven. Aunt Tillie made the cake. She went up to Aunt Annie’s this afternoon. We all went to town again this eve. Well, the Germans signed today. Peace. An awful crowd in Galena. Sort of celebrating I guess. The saloons all over the U.S. are suppose to close Monday night at twelve. My won’t that be grand. Hope its so. I guess Ruby feels a little better since going to town. Passed some folks on the road this eve. I bought a white wash skirt looks like satin. Paid eight dollars for it. Too much but very pretty.

Sunday was a  lovly day. All but Ruby went to church this afternoon. Only Uncle Edds & Aunt Tillie there besides us and the minister. We went for a little ride this evening, so Ruby wouldn’t feel so lonesome. Will Tresidders came down to John’s today. Monday was another nice day. Ruby & I each sent for a white silk Georgette waist today. Five ninety-five each. We washed and ironed today. I cut some lawn. Dad cut hay.

July 1 We hauled two loads of hay late this afternoon. Ruby picked some gooseberries. I cut some lawn. On Wednesday we all went  to Galena this forenoon, Hauled hay today four loads. We all took a ride up to Aunt Annie’s this eve. Thursday, July 3, 1919 we all went to Galena this forenoon. Ma bought a white skirt, also shoes and a pair for me. Also paid my dentist bill - twenty one dollars. Well, tomorrow is the Fourth. Big celebration at Scales Mound but Ruby & I didn’t get our waists today.

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