Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh My September is Here!

Al and Nancy  (hanson) Trudgian's Wedding Photo

Thursday September 11, 1919: Mother got a ride to Apple River in the forenoon with John Glicks. She came back to Scales Mound on the nine oclock train. Dad, Uncle Edd & I went up after her. John Tippets & John Tresidders & Ida were up here in the evening. Grandpa is quite sick, has a nurse. Mother hardly knows if he knew her or not. Friday, Al, Nancy, Dad and Ruby hauled a load of alfalfa hay in the afternoon. in the evening all but Ma took a ride to Scales Mound. Aunt Lizzie wasn’t home. After we got home Lena Hanson and Arthur Schlichting came. He brought her in. Staid till twelve. Saturday the folks hauled the hay.That evening Ruby, Dad, Al, Nancy, Geraldine & Lena went to Galena. Al drove the car. Got along fairly well.

Sunday Dad & I took the folks in to Zimmerman’s to dinner.Then they were going home on the one oclock train. We all went through Grant’s old home. Uncle Edd & Tresidders went to Apple River this afternoon. Uncle Edd here to supper. Thinks Grandpa just a little better. Monday we washed an awful wash. Put up four quarts ground cherries. Didn’t hear from Grandpa. Big Soldiers' Welcome Home at Apple River.  Tuesday we all went to Apple River in the afternoon. Uncle Edd went with us. Beautiful day. Mother staid out. Aunt Annie came along back. Grandfather a little better. Quite a crowd at Apple River, mostly cars. Expected to stay for evening. But Uncle Edd & Ma wanted us to go home so home we came. But  I am terribly disappointed and could just as well did the chores several hours late. Mad clear though.

Wednesday we ironed and churned. It was rainy. Ma called up this evening,. Grandpa better is but Aunt Tillie not very well. Thursday, September 18, 1919. It is rainy today. Ruby & I picked some grapes and picked them off for jelly. Baked bread & a cake. Aunt Annie got a card from Aunt Tillie today. She has pleurisy now.

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