Sunday, March 27, 2011

Basket Socials Still a Draw in Galena

Friday, March 21, 1919: Busy getting ready for the social but didn’t know how to go. Thought probably B. would say something but didn’t. We didn’t know if we should ask Weis or not. Ma went with us up to Uncle Edd’s. Then he had to get ready yet. I was quite late but not too late when we got there. A fairly good crowd. Good program. Twenty-nine baskets I believe. Charlie Virtue bought mine for two dollar and five cents. Ruby’s was sold first for a dollar five. Charlie Zarndt was the buyer. B & E* were there. They bought two baskets a piece. It was about half past twelve when we got home. Weises didn’t go.

Saturday Ruby & I drove up to Scales Mound in the buggy. Had a sale up there so there was a big crowd. Roads are quite good till the foot of Temperly's Hill. Up the Mound they are bad. Ruby & I each got a new spring bonnet. Each of shiny black straw, mine is green in under and some on top. Ruby’s was five fifty mine four fifty. Sunday was a very nice spring day. Dad & Ruby walked over the Station to Quarterly Meeting Services. John T. did also. He came back with them. Had dinner here. Agnes, Milton & Blanche came up this afternoon. Didn’t have any company. Don’t have anybody to expect now I’m sure. Monday Dad, Ruby & I burned a brush pile up in the orchard in the  afternoon. Also cleaned up lots more trees and limbs. Started to rake lawn.

Tuesday we washed. Also baked bread and raked some lawn. Wednesday was cooler. Ironed today. Baked patty cakes**. Pumped tires and etc. Neighbors are plowing with tractors. Thursday web fiddled away some time looking over car and raked some lawn today. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down this evening.

B & E*  = I believe these are the Young boys , Ben and Elmer. People who knew the Trudgian family back then have said that Ruby was once in "love" with Ben. I have always wondered if Lillian was interested in his brother Elmer.
Patty cakes** = is one of the terms which appear in the glossary found in Vol. II of " Lillian's Diaires: Whispers of Galena's Past".

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  1. Just got Vol II--This blog is really helping me get into the mood for Lillian's Galena.