Monday, December 26, 2011

A 1919 Christmas

Friday, December 19,1919: We baked bread and coffee cake and also filled cookies and churned. Not quite so cold today. The Zarndt and Young telephone lines were connected on the Bell today. Saturday, quite a lot of folks went to town. We were busy getting ready for company tomorrow. Sunday Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down to dinner. In the afternoon, about three oclock Leonard, came. It was his first call. He staid until about eight thirty or nine oclock.

Monday was cloudy and frosty. We washed. Dad drove over to Guilford to get the horses shod. But he couldn’t get it done. He got four pounds sugar. Had to take some other groceries with it. We are going to have a dozen men telephone men for dinner tomorrow. Tuesday we had eleven telephone men for dinner today. Got fifty-cents for each. But the way we figured it out we didn’t make anything and all the work for nothing. Ruby & I went to Galena in the cutter this afternoon. We had Pet shod. Came back as far as Aunt Annie and Dad & Ma came up there. We sent  a Christmas booklet.*

Wednesday Mother and Aunt Annie went to Apple River. Uncle Edd took them to town. We baked bread and saffron bread. Got a box from Uncle Thomas. Dad got a pair of gloves, Mother a little white apron, Ruby a box of correspondence cards. I got a box of writing paper. I got a handkerchief and fifty cents last night. Five dollars today. Ruby & I gave Dad a razor and Ma a pair gloves. Sent lots of Christmas cards today.

Thursday Dad, Ruby & I had dinner together. Had mashed potatoes, creamed asparagus, baked sweet potatoes, pickles, celery, saffron cake, bread, butter, chocolate pie, cake etc. We went down to Tresidder’s for supper. They had a Christmas tree lit.

* Does anyone know what a Christmas booklet was/is or do you think she meant a Christmas box like to Uncle Thomas?

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