Sunday, June 26, 2011

Changes - Beaus and Stoves

Friday, June 20, 1919: Hauled two loads of alfalfa this afternoon. I went up to Aunt Annie’s to pick strawberries. We picked quite a lot. But there was so many rotten ones. It’s a shame. I got quite a few. We picked them off tonight. Saturday, we hauled three loads of alfalfa in the forenoon. This evening Dad, Ruby & I autoed to Galena. Came home rather early for fear of rain. Mother had company - Agnes, Milton & Blanche.

Sunday there were no services at Union. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s to dinner. This afternoon Ben came along so Ruby came on home with him. He had horse & buggy as usual. They drove up as far as Singer Cemetery. Ben was here for supper. I guess its his last visit.  Hauled in three more loads of hay on Monday. Have some out yet. And its coming to a storm. Wish it wouldn’t rain on it. Tuesday had an awful electrical storm during the night. The folks hauled in one load of hay towards evening.

Wednesday,  Aunt Tillie came down in the afternoon. We picked a few strawberries yet for supper. Ma & Ruby washed an awful big washing and hauled another load alfalfa. Finished. Found the little calf dead this evening. It was weak and it got in the creek and couldn’t get out. Dad skinned it. Thursday, June 26,1919, we got up early this morn. Dad, Ma & I went to Galena early. Took in the calf hide and had a little other important business. An Odd Fellows Steam Boat excursion today. Would like to have gone very badly. And really would have if I had known something before. A beautiful day, but warm. We bought and brought home a new Perfection oil stove. Equipped with back and oven for thirty one dollars. Brought it home in the Ford. Dad, Ma, & I had to ride in the front seat. Aunt Annie rode down with us. Dad stood on running board. Ruby & Tillie picked some gooseberries this after. We took Aunt Annie home this eve.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Shooting in Galena

Friday, June 13, 1919: Mr. Palmer went away this morning. Hot day today. We wanted to go to Scales Mound to the Sunday School convention tonight. The weather wasn’t looking good when we started. When we got up there it lightened so came right back. Just got home before it rain. Didn’t rain much. But I guess they got it in some places, maybe Scales Mound. Saturday was very busy. Stormy looking all day but it cleared off a little better towards eve. So we got ready and went to Galena. Didn’t get there till after nine oclock. The town was crowded. Got home alright.

Sunday we all went to church in the afternoon. Mr. Cavanaugh is going to stay. The Elder wouldn’t accept his resignation. Ben said at church he wouldn’t be over this evening. He has a little business in Galena. So we all went down to Tresidder’s this eve. Monday, Ruby & I picked cherries in the forenoon till a storm came up. Rained the rest of the day. We put up seven quarts of cherries. Have a few more to pick yet. I picked two soup bowls of strawberries. Have some more to pick yet.

Tuesday, I picked another bowl of strawberries, also picked more cherries. We washed. Wednesday, we ironed and baked bread. Made cherry cream pies. Ma worked some in garden. Dad cut some alfalfa. Had another hard storm and rain during the night. Thursday, June 19, 1919 Ma & Ruby cleaned the cellar. A shooting occurred in Galena. Frank Willy shot Earl Fitch at noon. I suppose they had some trouble. Mr. Fitch was a cashier in a bank. Aunt Tillie came in to Aunt Annie’s today.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Strawberries Um-Um

Friday, June 6, 1919: Rainy again this morning. Ruby & I went to town again today. The dentist just treated the two teeth again. Roads awful muddy. On Saturday we were busy with Saturday work. We got so much work to do. Had some strawberries for supper tonight. First mess. A lovly evening tonight. Would like to have went to town the roads were good.

Sunday we all went to church in the morning. The minister has resigned. It will be his last Sunday next Sunday, Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down to dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Fiedler, Mary, Ida & Loretta came down this afternoon. And Ben was here this evening. It gets quite late till he goes home lately.
Monday was a very nice day, but warm. I hoed and weeded in the garden and cut lawn today. Had a big dish of strawberries for supper. Um Um.

Tuesday we washed. Also ironed some clothes from last week. Had an awful hard rain and storm last night. Wednesday we ironed. Ruby baked bread and a batch of cookies. Also made pie plant sauce. Had a storm at noon. Also a shower this afternoon. I cut some lawn. We worked in garden.

Thursday, June 12, 1919: Dad & I went to Galena this afternoon with the car. Took in the wool. Had seventy nine and one half pounds and got fifty-five cents per pound. Sold it to Hathaway. Well finished with my teeth today. Filled those front teeth but they don’t look as nice as I wanted them too. Also filled a wisdom tooth. Don’t know the bill yet. When we got home Rev. Elvin Palmer was here. He came last Monday. This evening we all rode up to Uncle Edd’s. Mr. Palmer is going to stay here all night.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Storms on The Horizon

Sunday, June 1 1919: Had quite a storm and lots of rain in the night. I got up at six oclock new time this morning. They were here to breakfast and dinner. Started from here at one. Afraid it might come to rain again. Dad went over the Station at noon today to get Ma. Before they got home Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came along. Aunt Annie staid here. Aunt Maggie went up after supper with Aunt Annie. Looked stormy this eve. Also rain later on. Ben didn’t come.

Monday we tore off the paper in the kitchen today. And washed woodwork. Wanted to paper ceiling but didn’t get it done. Tuesday the weather brightened up a little so Ma & I drove to Galena. The roads were awful bad. Then the dentist only treated my two front teeth. Took out the stuff and put in new. Looked like a storm on the way home but it didn’t rain till tonight when it rain awful hard. And stormed so. The lightning was terrible. About ten oclock saw a reflection on the sky of a fire over towards Werner’s or Spensley’s. It looked as though it might be nearby. We thought we would go up on the hill to see but thought the grass to wet.

Wednesday we heard that the fire was up on Tom Pooley’s farm. Two barns burned. Also hay, oats and machinery. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie took Aunt Maggie to town today to go home. Cleared off today. This evening the sky was just pink up north, I suppose it was the Northern lights. We papered the kitchen today, a tan paper.

Thursday we straightened up the kitchen in the forenoon. Uncle Edd came down to shear the sheep. Aunt Annie came along. Had ten sheep to shear. After dinner Uncle Edd went down to Weis’ and Tresidder’s to shear their sheep. Found several ripe strawberries yesterday and today.