Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday, Church Service, Funeral

How many of you are genealogists or family historians. Do you have diaries or journals of ancestors that have given you additional information for your genealogical searches?  I find that Lillian's writing help me to add the "flesh" to my ancestors - hair color, height, weight, eye color, general disposition ~ what about you.

Sunday, November 16, 1919: We all went to town to church. We went to the Methodist church. A very nice day and good roads. So many cars on the road. Received quite a royal welcome at church. A certain person was singing in the choir. We came back to Aunt Annie’s to dinner and spent the afternoon. Monday was a nice day. Warmer. We didn’t wash on account of our bad colds. Mr. Will Swing’s funeral today. He died Friday eve of pneumonia. Tuesday we washed and ironed and baked bread today. Not so bad. Wednesday Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down in the morning. Uncle Edd helped haul the fodder. They didn’t get through so they are going to stay all night. A lovly day. Thursday, November 20, 1919 we got through hauling fodder today. We did a little mending, patching, crocheting and etz. Late this afternoon Dad, Ruby & I went to town. Got a sack of potatoes for five dollars. This is Dad is sixty three years old today.

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  1. Having just finished Volume 3, it really is sad how the span of ten years turned a once happy and idealistic Lillian in her early 20s into a sickly and pragmatic Lillian in her early 30s between 1919 and 1929; unable to find a beau to marry, her world suddenly seems to be falling apart the older she gets. Whatever happened to that "certain someone" she saw singing in the church choir and who gave her the "royal treatment"? As prolific as her writing was, I'm surprised she wrote so much about everyday chores around the house and so little about her feelings, emotions and potential beaus.