Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Supposedly Lazy, Hazy Summer is Not So Lazy

Friday, July 11, 1919: We hauled five loads of hay. Making twenty-six loads of hay in now. Saturday, we hauled in five loads of hay again. we are nearly killing ourselves. Got it all in we had cut and all of that field. We baked bread. We all went to town again tonight. Nearly all the farmers around were in Galena. We saw somebody riding around in the Old Ford roadster and the girl with the yellow waist.

Sunday Ma & I went to church this afternoon. Looked a little rainy. The minister, Sadie Bastian and Evelyn & Elmer Young were there, small crowd. When we got home Aunt Annie was here and Uncle Edd came down for supper. We took them home this eve. Monday it rained several showers. We washed and ironed a good part of them and also cut some lawn. Put a new radiator hose on the car. And filled up the new tire cuts.

Tuesday we finished ironing. Baked a cake and bread. We hauled three loads hay in the afternoon.
Tuesday was Ruby’s twenty-sixth birthday. Spent the day haying. A very beautiful day. Such a beautiful, blue sky. We hauled four loads hay in this afternoon making thirty-eight loads now. The shed is nearly full.

Thursday, July 17, 1919: Mother sent Mrs. Young a birthday card. They had a postal shower* for her. Well, this afternoon Uncle Edd came down to help us hay. Aunt Annie came down also. We put up seven loads in a stack. Making fourty-five loads. We took Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie home this eve. About a dozen young folks had a picnic supper down in our bottom. Don’t know who they were.

* Postal shower: When someone organizes all the friends and family of a particular person and each of these send a card or short letter through the mail on that person's birthday

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