Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eggs .36 a dozen ~ Wallpaper $6.66 for a Parlor

Saturday, April 5, 1919: We wanted to go to town today. But it rained this morning so we didn’t go. Showery late this afternoon. Aunt Annie came down today. It is warmer today. Sunday was very warm, too warm to wear a coat. Lots of cars on the road. We all went to church in the afternoon. In the evening Agnes, Blanche, and Milton came up. No other company.

Monday it stormed several times during the night and again in the afternoon. Had lots of rain. The grass is very nice and green. Hope it clears now. Tuesday Ruby & I intended to go to town but Aunt Annie said Uncle Edd was going in and we could go and would take the eggs. So I went in with Uncle Edd. We had thirty five dozen. Took to Sheean. Got thirty-five and a half cents. I went to the dentist and made an appointment for next Tuesday. Aunt Annie was down here today.

Wednesday we started to wash but it was so rainy we didn’t hang any out. Ma sewed on my dress. Thursday was reading day and rainy all day so we didn’t get our wash out again. Friday we finished washing and also ironed. Cloudy yet today. Thursday Dad went to town. He got thirty six cents a dozen for eggs at Stauss’. Weather cleared off today. Do hope it will keep clear for awhile.

Sunday we all went to church in the morning. Then we went down to John’s for dinner. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie were there too. Had two guineas for dinner. This afternoon Milton, Blanche, Ruby & I took a walk away down to the Old Bartell house. Thought we would find some flowers but only found one crocus. Had company this evening. Also a little excitement. Monday was rainy, cold, and very windy all day. Ma cut out and sewed on Ruby’s green gingham dress. I finished a crochet yoke.

Tuesday was still rainy and cold. It was an awful day. I did not go to town to the dentist today. It wasn’t fit for a dog to be out. Ma was sewing and I was making up a corset cover with crochet yoke.  Wednesday was still chilly and rainy. Ruby & I drove up to Aunt Annie’s this afternoon to get some potatoes. Dad is fixing fence. Had pie plant sauce today. Thursday, April 17th was a nice day. It cleared off for once. We washed today. Sent for paper for the parlor today. It will cost $6.66.

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