Monday, May 30, 2011

No Memorial Day Yet

Thursday May 23, 1919: Made bread today. Also planted late potatoes. Made a spice cake. And fixed a little on the car. Raining tonight. Hear that Henry Zarndt came home from Lacross Sunday eve. Friday Ruby & I went to Galena in the buggy as the roads are rather muddy. The dentist didn’t work much on my teeth just put some stuff in two front teeth to treat them. One aches tonight. Ruby bought herself new white skirt for four ninety-five. Saturday my face was all swelled up and achy. Baked bread & coffee cake & cake. Ruby did. She getting to be quite a cook.

Sunday Mom and Ruby went to church in the morning. I was an awful funny looking human. Face all swelled up. No company in the afternoon, but had some this eve. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie, John, Agnes, Milton, and Blanche were up. Also Ben Y. He staid till late. Monday was beautiful day. Well I guess Ruby gave B her promise last night. Dad, Ruby & I autoed to Galena in the morning. The Dentist stuck in a needle or something away up at the root of the tooth where it was so swollen. Left out pus. It feels lots better now. Bought a roll of bard wire. Had a puncture in front tire on the way home from a tack. Put in a new tube. Our neighbors had to appear before the jury this afternoon. But were out in the field again late this afternoon. Coming quite an excitement in the neighborhood.

Tueday  Ma ironed. Dad & Ruby finished planting corn in the afternoon. Wednesday Ruby & I got an graduation invitation to the Galena commencement exercises June 5 from Thelma Davis. A warm day. The picnic at Ford School was today. But I didn’t feel hardly able to go. And Ruby didn’t feel like walking up either. Wanted to go badly. Weis girls & Agnes & Blanche went. Thursday, Ruby went over to Sadie Bastian’s in the  afternoon. I went up on John’s hill to pick asparagus. Called in to John Tippet’s as Aunt Annie was staying with the baby while Ethel, Mary and Grandpa Tippet and Uncle Edd went over the grave yard. Ascension Day today. And so many many cars on the road. Warm day.

Friday about ten oclock we started out for Apple River. Roads were good. Took an hour and fifteen minutes. Stopped in Scales Mound awhile. Had dinner at Grandpa’s. After dinner we went up to  the hall heard the priest speak. Also had supper at Grandpa’s. The weather didn’t look good. Afraid we’d get wet yet. But got home without getting wet. Then the clouds scattered. Mother staid out to Apple River and Aunt Maggie came in. Myrtle Graham graduates tonight. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie started out for Schapville. Saturday, May 31 was a very hot day. After dinner it came to quite a storm. Rained quite hard. After the rain a Ford stopped and it was Uncle Bens & Mr. William. They were to Galena and when it looked like rain started out for here. But got caught on the road. Some were wet. We were very much surprised. It rained again tonight. Had quite a time to get them all put away for the night.

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