Sunday, March 20, 2011

Galena's Social Life

Friday, March 7, 1919: We ironed, baked bread, coffee cake and a cake today. Had a calf dehorned and a ring put in the bull's nose. Had to drive them down to Tresidder’s. Saturday I baked a batch of cookies today. Snow is going fast today. Sunday, Dad & Ma went to church this afternoon. Ruby & I didn’t go because our colds were to bad. Aunt Annie came down and staid with us while Uncle Edd went to church. They spent the evening here. Didn’t have any more company tonight.

Monday, A lovly day. Doing a little sewing. Dad hauling manure.Tuesday was another nice day. Snow about all gone. Sewing some today. Heard today that there is going to be a social at Independence School Friday night. I guess Bernetta is going to try her luck. Ruby & I also got a card inviting us to a novelty shower at Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Tippet in honor of Irma Falancer Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, was nice day. We washed and ironed and baked bread today. Quite good I think. Thursday Milton brought us up a box of honey for our colds I guess. Cloudy and windy today. Ruby & I walked went over to the Station this afternoon to get some things. But couldn’t get no fruit for our basket very troubled about it. And we haven’t anything yet for the shower yet. Don’t know how we shall make out yet. Friday was called up this morning to tell us the Independence Social is put off. Some of the children are sick. Dad went to town today with Johns. The roads are terrible. Dad bought us several dishes to take to the shower tomorrow. Uncle Edd went to town this after. Aunt Annie came down to stay all night. Raining tonight.

Saturday,rainy today. Didn’t know if we should go to the shower or not. Sometimes it looked brighter. Josie said if we could go she thought she could to. It started to rain when we got down there. It rained awfully hard. So when it stopped a little we came home. Don’t think there was many to the shower. Bernetta didn’t come. She thought she would come and go with us. Uncle Edd didn’t come home so Aunt Annie is going to stay with us again tonight.

Sunday, the weather wasn’t very good this morning so we didn’t go to church. Aunt Annie went home this afternoon. Didn’t have any company this eve. A nice evening, but muddy of coarse. Monday, a lovly spring day. Ma fried down pork. I made a petticoat for myself. Dad chopping posts and stakes. Got thirty eggs tonight most for the season. St. Patrick’s Day but didn’t celebrate in no way. Tuesday, another spring day. Saw the first robin today. Ruby & I dressed in pantaloons went up the woods to chop this afternoon. Chopped off a haw tree and piled brush. Wednesday, we washed today. A nice day.

Thursday, March 20: We ironed baked bread and filled cookies. Ruby also cleaned out the chicken house. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s this eve. Uncle Edd offered to go with us to the social if we wanted to.

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