Sunday, June 5, 2011

Storms on The Horizon

Sunday, June 1 1919: Had quite a storm and lots of rain in the night. I got up at six oclock new time this morning. They were here to breakfast and dinner. Started from here at one. Afraid it might come to rain again. Dad went over the Station at noon today to get Ma. Before they got home Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came along. Aunt Annie staid here. Aunt Maggie went up after supper with Aunt Annie. Looked stormy this eve. Also rain later on. Ben didn’t come.

Monday we tore off the paper in the kitchen today. And washed woodwork. Wanted to paper ceiling but didn’t get it done. Tuesday the weather brightened up a little so Ma & I drove to Galena. The roads were awful bad. Then the dentist only treated my two front teeth. Took out the stuff and put in new. Looked like a storm on the way home but it didn’t rain till tonight when it rain awful hard. And stormed so. The lightning was terrible. About ten oclock saw a reflection on the sky of a fire over towards Werner’s or Spensley’s. It looked as though it might be nearby. We thought we would go up on the hill to see but thought the grass to wet.

Wednesday we heard that the fire was up on Tom Pooley’s farm. Two barns burned. Also hay, oats and machinery. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie took Aunt Maggie to town today to go home. Cleared off today. This evening the sky was just pink up north, I suppose it was the Northern lights. We papered the kitchen today, a tan paper.

Thursday we straightened up the kitchen in the forenoon. Uncle Edd came down to shear the sheep. Aunt Annie came along. Had ten sheep to shear. After dinner Uncle Edd went down to Weis’ and Tresidder’s to shear their sheep. Found several ripe strawberries yesterday and today.

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