Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Does Lillian Want To Know?

Friday, July 4, 1919: Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena this morning went in to see if our waists were in the Post Office. But no, no waists*. I was awful sore. Well, when we got ready to go to Scales Mound the weather didn’t look very favorable but we went. A very big crowd there. Uncle Bens from Woodbine and Uncle Dan, Uncle Henrys, Uncle Joes, Uncle Georges, Irish Virtues and lots more were there. It rained several showers but not enough to settle the dust. Made a person rather nervous. About half after four we started for home as the weather didn’t look good. It rained a little on the way home. After we were home awhile it rain very hard and rain so hard about all night.

Saturday we didn’t go anywhere. Didn’t know if we should go tonight or not. Wanted to go awful bad. Would like to know something awful bad.** Sunday Dad, Ma, & I went to church in the morning. Lottie was there. I found out some things I wanted to know about B. Lottie came over this afternoon. Had supper. We thought we would go to Galena to the Methodist church this eve. But when we got in there church looked to be shut up so we call on Tippets awhile.

Monday we hauled two loads of hay in the afternoon. Tuesday we hauled a load of hay this morning but it came to rain so couldn’t haul anymore. We washed. Wednesday my waist came. My first Georgette waist, white with blue embroidery and collar.*** We got a letter from Uncle Thomas. It stormed nearly all afternoon. A very heavy rain and hard storm. We baked bread and cookies on the oil stove. Mrs. Seck was buried today. Thursday, July 10, 1919: We didn’t haul any hay. It was too wet. I cut a little lawn. Ruby & I cleaned out the carbon from the combustion chamber of the car in the forenoon. We all rode down to Tresidder’s.

* Waists are much like what we would call blouses. They overlapped the skirt.
** This might be about the mysterious person that Lillian was writing to earlier in World War II or it may be about Ben Young, who was courting Lillian's sister, Ruby.
*** We actually have this waist. It was found in the Trudgian home among other left behind clothing.

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