Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away, Always Changing the Plans For The Day

Friday, May 16, 1919: Ruby cleaning the hall. Ma finished ironing. I cut lawn. Dad is plowing. Saturday we were busy all day. In the evening, we all went to town again. Getting quite sporty. Well, Ruby is going to Dubuque tomorrow. An awful crowd in town. There is quite an excitement about some of the neighbors. The sheriff has been out after one. Uncle Georges are coming in to Aunt Annie’s tomorrow.

Sunday: Well, Ben & Ruby started at nine for Dubuque. Intend to go to church in Dubuque. After dinner all of Uncle Georges and Mr. Sam Hanson and Clifford Price came in to Aunt Annie’s with the Buick and the Ford. Had to sell Wesley some gas. He  thought the carbruater leaked. First time we met Mr. Hanson. It came to look like rain toward evening. Uncle Georges started for home. Then we did. It rained a little on the way home and was rainy all evening but not enough to make the roads slippery. As it started to rain at seven I thought sure Ruby & Ben would have started for home early. But it was after ten when they got home. Thought surely something happened to them. They say from Dubuque to Hazel Green the roads were awful muddy. Had quite a time getting up one hill.

Monday we washed. Started to plant corn. I went with Agnes & Blanche to cut asparagus. The sheriff was out to the neighbors' again today and took him along.  Tuesday, Dad & Ruby finished planting that piece of corn today. I had an appointment with the dentist, so Ma and I drove Pet to town. I had a wisdom tooth filled and two more teeth pulled*. It hurt a little and it aches this evening. Two big fellow heads about all teeth. Wednesday, May 22, 1919:  We ironed. Also did some sewing or mending. Raining a little and raining quite a lot tonight.

* If someone has the time, count all the teeth that Lillian has had pulled between Vols. I & II of Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past. I am quite sure she has had more teeth pulled than is humanly possible to have had in her mouth. Same goes for Ruby.


  1. Just found your blog on Geneabloggers. My mother-in-law was born and raised in Galena so I look forward to learning more about the town through your posts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome Heather.....where did your Mom live...Lillian was born and bred on Stagecoach Trail

  3. So what did the sheriff take the neighbor away for..?? hmmm... :-)
    What a treasure to have this diary.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  4. We will have to read the Daily Galena Gazette for that answer I am afraid. Often, Lillian introduces a mystery and then drops it...I think she thinks everyone else knows exactly what she is talking about. Welcome Theresa and thanks for your comment!