Sunday, March 6, 2011

Uncle Henry Dittmar's Visit

Saturday, March 1, 1919: Colder today. Will make nice sleighing. Dad hauling straw from up at Landos Bastian’s. John bought it for $25.00. We’re to have half. Late this afternoon Uncle Henrys came in the sleigh. Uncle Henry, Aunt Lue, Olive, Clifford, Marvin, Alverna and Dorothy. Had lots of noise tonight. Sunday Uncle Henry, Aunt Lue, Dorothy, Dad, Ruby & I went to church this forenoon. The minister didn’t show up. Don’t know what the trouble was. Only William B., John and Milton there besides us. The folks went over to Alvin Hammer’s this afternoon. Pa and Ma went up to Aunt Annie’s. Didn’t see anything of S.S. today. But had company this evening, B. Ruby is asked to go to a show (movie) Tuesday eve.

Monday Ma went up to Aunt Annie’s to help keep the children while Uncle Henry and Aunt Lue went to Galena. They staid up to Aunt Annie’s again tonight. Ma came home tonight. Tuesday Uncle Henrys came down this forenoon. They expected to go home today but it snowed all day so they didn’t go. Of course because it was stormy Ruby didn’t go to the show.

Wednesday was clear and colder. Uncle Henrys expected to go home this morning. But as Aunt Lue wasn’t feeling well they didn’t go till this afternoon. Thursday Dad went to Galena in the cutter. Paid the taxes.  It was sixty-two dollars. Ruby & I got awfully bad colds. We washed today.


  1. FYI, Dorothy Dittmar, the daughter of Uncle Henry and "Aunt Lou" (Louisa Hammer Dittmar) mentioned in this diary entry, was born on March 11, 1918 and would have been just short of her first birthday on March 1, 1919 when her family visited the Trudgians. As of today (March 14, 2011) she is the only one left of her siblings and is still alive and doing very well at the age of 93. She never married. In March 2008 her nieces and nephews threw her a huge 90th birthday party in Scales Mound, IL.

  2. Thanks again Pat for filling in the really brings the diaries alive!