Monday, May 30, 2011

No Memorial Day Yet

Thursday May 23, 1919: Made bread today. Also planted late potatoes. Made a spice cake. And fixed a little on the car. Raining tonight. Hear that Henry Zarndt came home from Lacross Sunday eve. Friday Ruby & I went to Galena in the buggy as the roads are rather muddy. The dentist didn’t work much on my teeth just put some stuff in two front teeth to treat them. One aches tonight. Ruby bought herself new white skirt for four ninety-five. Saturday my face was all swelled up and achy. Baked bread & coffee cake & cake. Ruby did. She getting to be quite a cook.

Sunday Mom and Ruby went to church in the morning. I was an awful funny looking human. Face all swelled up. No company in the afternoon, but had some this eve. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie, John, Agnes, Milton, and Blanche were up. Also Ben Y. He staid till late. Monday was beautiful day. Well I guess Ruby gave B her promise last night. Dad, Ruby & I autoed to Galena in the morning. The Dentist stuck in a needle or something away up at the root of the tooth where it was so swollen. Left out pus. It feels lots better now. Bought a roll of bard wire. Had a puncture in front tire on the way home from a tack. Put in a new tube. Our neighbors had to appear before the jury this afternoon. But were out in the field again late this afternoon. Coming quite an excitement in the neighborhood.

Tueday  Ma ironed. Dad & Ruby finished planting corn in the afternoon. Wednesday Ruby & I got an graduation invitation to the Galena commencement exercises June 5 from Thelma Davis. A warm day. The picnic at Ford School was today. But I didn’t feel hardly able to go. And Ruby didn’t feel like walking up either. Wanted to go badly. Weis girls & Agnes & Blanche went. Thursday, Ruby went over to Sadie Bastian’s in the  afternoon. I went up on John’s hill to pick asparagus. Called in to John Tippet’s as Aunt Annie was staying with the baby while Ethel, Mary and Grandpa Tippet and Uncle Edd went over the grave yard. Ascension Day today. And so many many cars on the road. Warm day.

Friday about ten oclock we started out for Apple River. Roads were good. Took an hour and fifteen minutes. Stopped in Scales Mound awhile. Had dinner at Grandpa’s. After dinner we went up to  the hall heard the priest speak. Also had supper at Grandpa’s. The weather didn’t look good. Afraid we’d get wet yet. But got home without getting wet. Then the clouds scattered. Mother staid out to Apple River and Aunt Maggie came in. Myrtle Graham graduates tonight. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie started out for Schapville. Saturday, May 31 was a very hot day. After dinner it came to quite a storm. Rained quite hard. After the rain a Ford stopped and it was Uncle Bens & Mr. William. They were to Galena and when it looked like rain started out for here. But got caught on the road. Some were wet. We were very much surprised. It rained again tonight. Had quite a time to get them all put away for the night.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away, Always Changing the Plans For The Day

Friday, May 16, 1919: Ruby cleaning the hall. Ma finished ironing. I cut lawn. Dad is plowing. Saturday we were busy all day. In the evening, we all went to town again. Getting quite sporty. Well, Ruby is going to Dubuque tomorrow. An awful crowd in town. There is quite an excitement about some of the neighbors. The sheriff has been out after one. Uncle Georges are coming in to Aunt Annie’s tomorrow.

Sunday: Well, Ben & Ruby started at nine for Dubuque. Intend to go to church in Dubuque. After dinner all of Uncle Georges and Mr. Sam Hanson and Clifford Price came in to Aunt Annie’s with the Buick and the Ford. Had to sell Wesley some gas. He  thought the carbruater leaked. First time we met Mr. Hanson. It came to look like rain toward evening. Uncle Georges started for home. Then we did. It rained a little on the way home and was rainy all evening but not enough to make the roads slippery. As it started to rain at seven I thought sure Ruby & Ben would have started for home early. But it was after ten when they got home. Thought surely something happened to them. They say from Dubuque to Hazel Green the roads were awful muddy. Had quite a time getting up one hill.

Monday we washed. Started to plant corn. I went with Agnes & Blanche to cut asparagus. The sheriff was out to the neighbors' again today and took him along.  Tuesday, Dad & Ruby finished planting that piece of corn today. I had an appointment with the dentist, so Ma and I drove Pet to town. I had a wisdom tooth filled and two more teeth pulled*. It hurt a little and it aches this evening. Two big fellow heads about all teeth. Wednesday, May 22, 1919:  We ironed. Also did some sewing or mending. Raining a little and raining quite a lot tonight.

* If someone has the time, count all the teeth that Lillian has had pulled between Vols. I & II of Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past. I am quite sure she has had more teeth pulled than is humanly possible to have had in her mouth. Same goes for Ruby.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love Is In The Air ~ Or Is It?

Friday, May 2, 1919: Clouded up and started to rain again this evening. Ironed today. Also baked bread and coffee cake. Ruby cleaned my room. Received from Sears Roebuck the wall paper for the kitchen. Brown varnished paper. I trimmed most of it today. Saturday was very rainy again. Baked a cake and cookies. Sunday was cloudy and looked like it might rain any minute. Mr. Cavanaugh called up to know if he should come up to Union. Uncle Edd thought not. But later on it started to clear off. Dad, Ma and I went up to Aunt Annie’s in the afternoon. Ruby staid at home to do up the chores early. She thought she might have company. And she did. The parlor was used tonight. Milton came down with the ‘flu’ today. Had the doctor this evening, nearly all of Fiedlers sick.

Monday was cloudy again. We tore up the parlor and tore off the paper. Tomorrow the woodwork has to be painted. Ruby has to decide a question soon. Tuesday was rainy all day, three or four storms. A little sunshine between several times. I painted three chairs and Ruby and I painted the woodwork of the parlor.
Wednesday, Aunt Annie came down in the forenoon and in the afternoon we papered the parlor ceiling. Ma also churned. Ruby baked bread (about the first time). Getting interested. Milton and Fiedlers are getting better. A nice day for once.

Thursday, Pete McDonald* was here for breakfast. But it was before I got up. He always likes to get a meal here. I painted in the morning. Ruby & I went to town in the afternoon in the old buggy. Got thirty-nine cents for eggs. Couldn’t get an appointment with the dentist till a week from Tuesday. Friday, we finished painting the parlor in the forenoon. Ruby and I papered the parlor. Aunt Annie came down in the evening. The paper looks quite dark. It has a rose applique border.

Saturday we had to straighten up the parlor today. Very busy. We all autoed to Galena early in the evening. Bought Ma a hat. About half past ten when we got home. An awful big crowd in town tonight. Something new for us to go to town Saturday night. Well, Ruby isn’t going to Dubuque tomorrow. Sunday was a lovly day. We all went to church in the morning. In the afternoon we autoed to Scales Mound. Thought we would see Charles. But he has gone out to Washington. Has a girl out there. Saw a German helmet and belt and a cap taken off a dead Hun. Grahams were up to Aunt Lizzie’s too. Ben was here in the evening. Elmer is going away to be operated on again Tuesday.

Monday I cut some lawn. We also planted early potatoes and Ma & Ruby planted more garden stuff. Received a dress today from Philkipsborn today. I didn’t like it very well but Ma thinks its nice. Tuesday Ruby cleaned the bedroom. After dinner Ruby & I went to Scales Mound. Our first trip alone with the car, at least for that far. I wanted o see if I could get the car fixed. But Mr. Bird was too busy. He opened the spark plugs for me anyway. Got fourty-two cents for eggs at Tippet’s. We also bought a hundred bran. On our way home on Kane Hill a Ford was coming as we were going up. I got to far to the side in the ditch one wheel went down. The man in the other Ford backed it out for me after awhile. A Kane boy, an old man & Ruby & I pushed.

Wednesday we washed, churned, baked bread. We also cut lawn, straightened up the bedroom and set two hens*. Bernetta invited us over the telephone last night to go to her picnic tomorrow. Would like to go.

Thursday, May 15: Threatened rain this morning. We did not think much of going to the picnic but about eleven it looked better. We hitched up Old Pet and went. Twelve before we started but was over there a long time before we had dinner. Not a very big crowd there. Had dinner outdoors. Had lots of good things. Had a big basket of oranges and bananas, lots of ice cream and candy, besides other dinner. Lots of cake. Bernetta must have spent a lot. Josie, Helen & Bessie were over there. Bessie rode part way home with us. Had a nice time. But hardly had time to go.

*Pete MacDonald ~ not sure who this person is but he weaves in and out of the pages of Lillian's diaries, always asking for a meal and not smelling any too nice....maybe he was one of the first homeless people in the Galena area. Have any ideas on this?
* Set two hens ~ if you have never set a hen check out the glossary in Vol. 2 of Lillian's Diaries: Whisper of Galena's Past for a definition.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Watch Out For Those Grass Seeders

Friday April 25,1919: Cold again today. Had an awful hard frost last night. I think ice on a tub of water. Made bread and coffee cake and a cake. Well, this evening Ruby and I went over to the Miner’s Social with Josie, Helen & Bert. We walked. Quite a crowd there. Had a very good program. Tresidders were over. Blanche had to sit on the platform holding a doll while Mrs. Wingler sang. Baskets sold well, none below a dollar. Ruby’s brought a dollar. Joe Dower had hers.He had two others. Archie Virtue bought mine for a dollar and a half and also Miss Reddington’s. Fourth time I got a Virtue. First time a cousin of theirs, second and third time Charlie Virtue and now Archie Virtue. Had a very nice time. Very interesting. Got home at half past twelve.

Saturday was very nice day. A great celebration at Galena today. One hundredth anniversary of the Odd Fellows.* We didn’t go. Ma & Ruby made some garden today. The first we made. Sunday was rainy in the morning. Ma & Ruby went up on the hill this morning but didn’t see anybody at church so came home again. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down to dinner today. Rainy this afternoon and eve. Monday was well cloudy in the morninbg and road muddy. Dad & Ruby went to town to the big celebration this forenoon with Old Pet in the buggy. I had a chance to go with Uncle Edd but didn’t know what to do. Just awfully dissappointed. In spite of the muddy roads just an awful lot of cars went by also teams. They saw Charles Trudgian in town. He has been home since Wednesday. He’s working roads now driving tractor. It wasn’t such a bad day after all (the weather).

Tuesday we cleaned the rag room. At noon John Tresidder asked to borrow our grass seeder. After dinner he came up to get it. Came up in the car. I was looking out the window to see him crank it. It back fired and hurt his arm or wrist. We bathed it in hot water thought probably it was only a sprain. Also put linament on it. It began to swell. Couldn’t use his hand, so I drove him home. He had the spark to far advanced that why he broke his arm. Also the car was missing one cylinder. Then Agnes thought he’d better got to the doctor so I said I would take him in. I had to have other clothes on so we drove back up. His car went so bad that we took our car. The doctor said the both bones in his arm were broken. Said it would be four weeks before it could be taken out of the cask. Ruby went to town too. Then when we got home I had to drive John’s car down again.

Wednesday, was  raining all day today. Ruby cleaned Dad’s & Ma’s room today. Thursday,May 1, 1919, it rained a little. Cleared up this afternoon. Ma washed today or finished. She started yesterday.

*Odd Fellows: An altruistic and benevolent fraternal organization dedicate to improving and elevation the character of mankind, aiding the community, the less fortunate, youth and the elderly. ( You will be happy to know that starting with Vol. 2 there is a glossary that covers many of the words and expressions that you may not be familiar with. If, when reading Lillian, you see a word that you think needs to be defined just let me know through the blog or on Facebook Group "Lillian's Readers" and I will add it to the glossary for Vol. 3, which will be out in August 2011 in honor of Lillian's birthday)