Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Trudgian''s "Pets"

Saturday, February 1, 1925: Della died today. This forenoon of old age. She has so poor lately. Dad went to town today. He had to pull Della away yet when he got home. Dragged the road by here today. Dad said there was lots of cars in town today. Sun 2: Ground Hog Day. Cloudy. Dad & Ruby went to church this morning. Didn’t have any company. It rained a little this eve. Ma & Ruby laughing at me because I look funny because my face is swelled but don’t think I look so funny as I did yesterday.

Monday: Dad and Ruby buried Poor Old Della up near Nellie, Della’s colt and a steer*. All kinds of weather today. Windy and cold tonight. Tuesday we did some sewing. Dad went over to John Combellick’s and got a load of oats. Wednesday was a very nice day. We washed today. Ruby and I went up to Aunt Annie’s. We got a letter from Aunt Tillie. She is getting better slowly. Aunt Maggie is still in bed. Aunt Annie expects to go out to Apple River tomorrow.

Thursday there is a cattle show in Galena. It is reading day*.

* Pets or work animals - there does not appear to be a difference between them - were given much respect and a proper burial by the Trudgians. Next time I am in Galena I am going to walk the back acres by the knoll and see if there are any stones marking the graves of these many animals who came and went.
* Reading Day. I checked at the Historical Research Room at Galena's Public Library about this. They were nice enough to check some reading groups that met at the library and had reading days during this time period. Unfortunately, the Trudgian name was not found in the membership minutes of these groups. Early on (1913) in Lillian's diaries she mentions books -geography, writing, literature books she had at home and is using for Reading Day. Perhaps, since neither she or Ruby attended high school, this was a home schooling curriculum they were following. Reading Day appears in her diaries into the late twenties, just not as frequently as it did in the early years. Anyone have a better idea?

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