Sunday, May 1, 2011

Watch Out For Those Grass Seeders

Friday April 25,1919: Cold again today. Had an awful hard frost last night. I think ice on a tub of water. Made bread and coffee cake and a cake. Well, this evening Ruby and I went over to the Miner’s Social with Josie, Helen & Bert. We walked. Quite a crowd there. Had a very good program. Tresidders were over. Blanche had to sit on the platform holding a doll while Mrs. Wingler sang. Baskets sold well, none below a dollar. Ruby’s brought a dollar. Joe Dower had hers.He had two others. Archie Virtue bought mine for a dollar and a half and also Miss Reddington’s. Fourth time I got a Virtue. First time a cousin of theirs, second and third time Charlie Virtue and now Archie Virtue. Had a very nice time. Very interesting. Got home at half past twelve.

Saturday was very nice day. A great celebration at Galena today. One hundredth anniversary of the Odd Fellows.* We didn’t go. Ma & Ruby made some garden today. The first we made. Sunday was rainy in the morning. Ma & Ruby went up on the hill this morning but didn’t see anybody at church so came home again. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down to dinner today. Rainy this afternoon and eve. Monday was well cloudy in the morninbg and road muddy. Dad & Ruby went to town to the big celebration this forenoon with Old Pet in the buggy. I had a chance to go with Uncle Edd but didn’t know what to do. Just awfully dissappointed. In spite of the muddy roads just an awful lot of cars went by also teams. They saw Charles Trudgian in town. He has been home since Wednesday. He’s working roads now driving tractor. It wasn’t such a bad day after all (the weather).

Tuesday we cleaned the rag room. At noon John Tresidder asked to borrow our grass seeder. After dinner he came up to get it. Came up in the car. I was looking out the window to see him crank it. It back fired and hurt his arm or wrist. We bathed it in hot water thought probably it was only a sprain. Also put linament on it. It began to swell. Couldn’t use his hand, so I drove him home. He had the spark to far advanced that why he broke his arm. Also the car was missing one cylinder. Then Agnes thought he’d better got to the doctor so I said I would take him in. I had to have other clothes on so we drove back up. His car went so bad that we took our car. The doctor said the both bones in his arm were broken. Said it would be four weeks before it could be taken out of the cask. Ruby went to town too. Then when we got home I had to drive John’s car down again.

Wednesday, was  raining all day today. Ruby cleaned Dad’s & Ma’s room today. Thursday,May 1, 1919, it rained a little. Cleared up this afternoon. Ma washed today or finished. She started yesterday.

*Odd Fellows: An altruistic and benevolent fraternal organization dedicate to improving and elevation the character of mankind, aiding the community, the less fortunate, youth and the elderly. ( You will be happy to know that starting with Vol. 2 there is a glossary that covers many of the words and expressions that you may not be familiar with. If, when reading Lillian, you see a word that you think needs to be defined just let me know through the blog or on Facebook Group "Lillian's Readers" and I will add it to the glossary for Vol. 3, which will be out in August 2011 in honor of Lillian's birthday)

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