Sunday, October 23, 2011

Husking Corn Day After Day, After Day

Friday, October 17, 1919:  Lovly day. Ironed and baked bread & coffee cake. Also husked another load of shock corn. And polished the car. Mother’s birthday. Fifty-three. Got a card from Aunt Tillie. Saturday we all went to Galena in the afternoon. Then came home and then went to town againn that eve. Ruby & I went to the movies. Ma and Pa saw B & E and girls.

Sunday was cloudy. We all went to church. We expected to probably see a new minister. But no minister arrived. Wilbur and Evelyn came out also. She said Mrs. Young was poorly in bed. She said the boys wasn’t over yet and that Elmer doesn’t come over very often. She said they both have girls. Ruby and I thought we’d go down to Tresidder’s but didn’t find them home. We all went down in the evening. Heard Whites had a shower on Emily Winsicker Friday night.

Monday we didn’t get much corn husked as it was rainy. Tuesday was a beautiful day. Busy husking standing corn. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s in the evening. They heard that Jack Combellick and Elmer Young had got married. Had heard before that Jack was going to get married. Wednesday we husked a load of corn. Also washed. Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena late in the afternoon. Think it must have been a mistake about Elmer getting married. We saw his girl and also Ben’s. Think they were coming home from work. Ruby sent Ben a letter this morning.

Thursday, October 23, 1919: Ironed, churned, baked bread. Also finished husking standing corn, a load this afternoon and some this forenoon. Didn’t read much in the Gazette today. Only a piece about the novelty shower at Mrs. Clinton White’s in honor of Emily Winsicker who is to be married to John Combellick October 22. That was yesterday. Heard they went to Freeport to get married.

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