Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter is On Its Way

Apple River -Main Street c.a. early 1900s
Friday November 21, 1919: It tried to rain a little in the morning morning. Dad & Ruby took twenty roosters to Scales Mound. Got twenty-eight dollars & twenty cents. 20 cents per pound.

Saturday was a nice day. In the evening Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena. We went to the movies. Somebody and his girl also was there. Sunday, well, we hurried around and got ready and autoed out to Schapville. A lovly day. Had German services. Uncle Henrys and Uncle Joes were there. Aunt Rachel was down to her mother’s so we went out to Uncle Henry’s. Had lots of music on the player piano. Got home at about dark. Monday we got up early and Ruby & I walked over the Station and went to Freeport on the eight train. Did a lot of walking down there. The doctor gave me medicine for about five weeks. Came back to Apple River on the nine train. Staid all night at Grandpa’s. Tuesday we came home on the morning train. Aunt Annie was here.  Dad drove John Tippet’s team to Scales Mound while others drove the cattle. Started to crochet Ruby a green tam.

Wednesday was cold and cloudy. We washed . I crocheted on the tam-o-shanter. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Thursday was Thanksgiving Day. Didn’t have much extra for dinner. Ruby wouldn’t eat any and Ma couldn’t eat much. Ruby & I went down to Tresidder’s awhile in the afternoon. It was snowy all day. First of the season. Blanche was trying to sleigh ride.

Friday was snowy and  rainy in the evening. I was so afraid automobiling has gone up for this year or more. Baked bread, coffee cake, cookies and cake.Saturday was a very bad day snowy, cold and very windy. Sunday was a very cold day. We were at home all day.

Monday, December 1 it was snowing a little most all day. Dad went to town with Pet in the buggy. Tuesday was nice day, but cold. We washed today.

Wednesday we baked bread and also a spice cake. John Weis, John Tresidder and we were going to send a car of cattle tomorrow, but John T. backed out. Wants to take his hogs away tomorrow. Thursday, Dec. 4, 1919 : I am terribly disappointed tonight. Wanted to go so badly over to the social at Independence. But hardly knew if I felt able or not. Got everything to fill a box. Had a notion to go with the car yet and have Dad go along. Heard Weis are going but they didn’t say anything to us. Doesn’t look very nice, I don’t think. Feeling so bad. Lovly evening.

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