Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 7, 1919: A lovly day. Dad had to go to Galena today with John to help him bring home a thorough bred cow. Ruby baked a cake. Ma bread & coffee cake. Saturday We didn’t know if we should try to take the car to town today or not. Didn’t have the tires pumped up. So Ma and Ruby went with Pet. A very nice day. Sunday was another lovly day. Uncle Edd came down to dinner. We all went to church this afternoon. I had to play the organ. Well, Ma went in to Agnes’ from church and Blanche came up here. So this evening we took her down. When we were nearly there we met Ben. So he went in there too. Don’t know how he liked it. Uncle Edd was down there to.

Monday we took the car out today for the first time this eve. We went as far as Tresidder’s then up the road past the school house and back. Afraid the weather is going to change. John Tresidder came up and helped Dad butcher a hog. Quite a few cars on the road. Tuesday I got a Valentine. I know who its from if it doesn’t say. Found the little pig “Jane” dead this morning. Late this afternoon we thought we would try to auto to Scales Mound but up on the ridge it was muddy and bad in  places so we came home again. The car runs junk anyway. Very warm.

Wednesday was a nother warm day. Ruby and I washed this afternoon. Ma busy with the sausage, lard, & etc. Thursday, it rained last night and this morning. Its very muddy now. It was terribly windy. Rainy again this evening. Ironed today. Friday we had very sad news this forenoon about half past ten. Uncle George called up said Uncle Herman was killed, yesterday afternoon by a tree falling on him. He was living yet but died soon after. Aunt Annie answered the telephone it was an awful shock for her. I had to tell Ma but told her first that he was awfully hurt. He was down at Fred Horsch’s went down this evening. If John will do our chores we aregoing to go Uncle Ben’s. Of course we don’t know much particulars. Aunt Annie and Ma went out to Apple River this afternoon. Uncle Edd took them to town. Uncle Edd is going to drive out tomorrow toward evening. Ma called up this evening. Said he and Mr. Horsch was cutting down a tree near the house and the tree fell the wrong way and hit Uncle Herman on the side of the head. The funeral will be Sun. morning at half past tem from Uncle Joe’s.

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