Sunday, July 31, 2011

Haying In The Summer Sun

Friday, July 18, 1919: Put a load of hay in the shed. It’s full now. We also put a load on the stack making fourty seven loads. Saturday we put up three loads hay. One on the stack and two for a new stack making fifty loads. We all went to Galena in the eve. An airplane was to make a flight over the Fairground this afternoon. But as there was only five tickets sold he wouldn't fly. We shook hands with Jack Combellick this eve. He has been home since July 2.

Sunday, Da, Ma, & I went to church in the morning. In the afternoon we took a ride up as far as Mt. Morley school house where Ma use to go to school and back through Guilford around by Heer’s and stopped at Aunt Annie’s for supper. Monday, we had a shower rain in the forenoon. Dad & Ruby put up two loads hay. Tuesday, John Tresidder came up in the  afternoon to help hay. Finished now except the alfalfa. Have fifty-eight loads. Wednesday, we washed, baked bread. Dad took five lambs and an old sheep over to the Station in the forenoon. Got sixty-five dollars and fourty-five cents for them. Fourteen cents a pound for the lambs and seven for the sheep. Ruby & I picked a few blackberries afraid we won’t get many.

Thursday, we (all but Ma) went to Scales Mound in the forenoon. We bought a new firestone 30x3 tire from Birds. 6000 mile guarantee. Had the car looked over. Called on Aunt Lizzie. In the afternoon we ironed and I put new oil in crankcase of car and also greased it. Dad raked alfalfa. Friday we put up three loads of alfalfa hay, finished haying. Sixty-one loads. Aunt Annie came down. Uncle Edd went down near Hanover. We went up there last night to ask them if they wanted to go with us to Waterloo by car. Uncle Edd has backed out now.

Saturday, well, we didn’t go to Waterloo. But has been quite a nice day, but hot. We all went to Galena tonight. Saw somebody going around alone. Sunday we all started out for Apple River at nine in the morning. Uncle Edd was going with us but he got a ride with Haydens. Got to Apple River by ten. Waited for Mayme to get ready and then we went to Lena. Made that in a hour fifteen minutes. Ate dinner. Attended Sunday School and services. Mr. Liston preached. There were some folks down there we knew. We started for home at twenty to five. Went quite fast as it looked like a bad storm. They wanted us to stay for supper at A.R. but we came home. Was awful dusty. It looked much brighter when we got nearly home and then it cleared off without a drop of rain. Uncle Edd stayed to supper. Johns were up this eve. Tomorrow is Grandpa’s seventy-fifth birthday. Had a beautiful birthday cake. Uncle Georges and Louise Sutton and children were to be there to supper too.

Monday was a nice day. Ma churned Ruby & I picked a gallon and a half of blackberries. Josie Weis called up said she would go with us on the excursion Friday if we were going. Wish Helen could go to.
Tuesday we washed. Dad, Ruby & I went to Galena late in the afternoon. Bought three excursion tickets for sixty-cents each. Brought home our oil stove oven. We all went down to Tresidder’s after a can of soft water. Heard in Galena today that Leroy Tresidders had a child but it died.

Wednesday we ironed. Also picked some blackberries and put up two and one half quarts and made jelly. I washed my white skirt. Its threatening rain. I hoped we will get a good shower. Thursday, July 31, 1919: Weather partly cloudy today. But hope tomorrow will be nice. We baked bread, cake and cream puffs* today.

Trudgian Home in The Summer Sun
* Lillian's recipe for cream puffs will appear in Lillian's Diaries: Final Whispers From Galena's Past Vol. III will be out at Book World in Galena, Mineral Point Connections in Mineral Point, WI and at in late August/early September, 2011. Vol. III has added more maps an expanded glossary, updated surname index and DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR BOOK GROUPS. Let me know what you think of adding the book group questions if you have the opportunity to use them.

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