Monday, January 11, 2010

A Life Just Like Ours

If the dates were removed wouldn't this sound very much like our lives today? Lots of company one day and then none for weeks afterwards? The census being taken? Economic hardships for some in difficult times? Cleaning the kitchen shelves?

Sunday,January 11,1925: All but mother went to town to church in our car. Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down to dinner. This afternoon Fielders came down. This evening Tresidders came up. I guess all came in one day. We won’t have any company again for a long while.

On Saturday Dad, Len, Ruby & I went to town in the afternoon in our car. A radio man came on Friday afternoon. After he was gone,the census man came. We baked.

Thursday was a nice day. Mother went up to Aunt Annie’s in the morning. Uncle Edd brought her home in the eve. She washed for Aunt Annie. In the afternoon Ruby & I went up to Clara Engel’s. They seemed glad to see us. Vivian wanted in the worst way to come home with us. I guess they have had a rather hard time getting along. Seemed to be very economical.

Len & Ruby took chickens and cream of Scales Mound on Wednesday. Mother and I cleaned the kitchen shelves that afternoon.

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