Sunday, November 22, 2009

Winter On Its Way

Tuesday,November 23,1926: We washed and baked today. It was quite a nice day. Got a letter from Aunt Rachel. Uncle Thomas [Trudgian]* is very poorly. His blood pressure is 240.

Monday was cloudy with a light snow. We mended & etz. On Sunday it was very cold. That morning the windows were all frozen up. We had thought perhaps the Tippet family would be down but no. So that afternoon Dad, Ma & I walked up there. Then we came home in the beautiful moonlight. It had been a nice clear day & evening.

Saturday Dad, Len & Ruby went to town by car in the afternoon. They brought home a supply of eats. The roads were not so bad or good. They are the worst if you have to turn out of the road. Some sleighs going along now days.

Friday the sun had peeked out once. It was the first time for a week I guess. We washed and baked as usual we were always busy.

* Thomas and Rachel Trudgian were my great grandparents. They are buried in the Miner Cemetery with Lillian and her parents, as well as my great-great grandparents -Joseph and Mary [Pellymounter] Trudgian.

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