Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Death of Thomas A. Trudgian

Thursday, December 23 1926: It is raining today and tonight, and getting very icy. I’ve worried so much about it raining. We swept and cleaned up the house. We didn’t bake anything as we bought bread, rolls and cake and etz. Wednesday Al, Nancy and Geraldine were to come back tonight. They were to leave out there after the funeral which was to be at two. I am afraid the cement will be very icy. Aunt Rachel will come with the body on the train at 4 oclock tomorrow morning. They will stay at Annie Zimmerman’s till the funeral.

Wednesday Dad, Ma and I went to town. Uncle Edd rode along in with us. Uncle Dan took Aunt Annie and Tillie. Tresidders were in also. All of us made funeral arrangements. Sullivan was to get Nash and Bertsch funeral chapel for the funeral. We got Rev. Brewster and Uncle Edd and John ordered the singers. He got Wallace Ford and Wallace was going to try to get Miss Eustice, Mrs. Bader and Herbert Dallyn. Mother called up Aunt Rachel to see for sure when they were coming and if the arrangements were satisfactory. She said they weren't going to have funeral here but that it would be all right. Tresidders came up this evening. Aunt Rachel said Wilbur and Anna was not coming.

Tuesday we had a card from Al saying he thought Uncle Thos was some worse. So we washed and Dad and Ma prepared to start for Waterloo on Wednesday. About eleven oclock Uncle Edd and Johnny came down to tell us Uncle Thomas* passed away that night. Al had called up and said they were going to bring him back to Galena Friday morning and Uncle Edd should see Sullivan and get the minister from our church. We hadn’t heard from Uncle Thomas on Monday. It was a nice warm day. Len, Dad and Ruby husked corn today. Mother and I made fruit cake and filled cookies. We staid at home all day on Sunday.

* According to the Records of Death , Black Hawk County, Iowa Thomas Alfred Trudgian (my great grandfather) died in Waterloo, Iowa on 12-21-1926 of Chronic Nephritis . Dr. W. Ellepson was his doctor and Peterson Brothers were the undertakers.

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  1. My great-grandfather, who lived in Storm Lake in Western Iowa, died of Nephritis as well at the age of 58 in 1910. It is an inflammation of the kidney which leads to reduced urine flow, a build-up of toxins (uric acid) in the body, retention of fluids and hypertension. Today it can be treated with penicillin. It's too bad that miracle drug wasn't available to them back then. We live in wonderful times.