Saturday, December 12, 2009

Excitment in Galena

Monday, December 13, 1926: It snowed some this morning an awful windy day and very cold. A very cold night. Yesterday we staid home all day. It was rainy most of the day, which made it icy getting around. That afternoon Mr. Fetter came. He wanted to us to take in a radio on trial but we didn’t let him. He had brought one along. He is the first agent we ever had on Sunday. In one way I guess it would have been alright. From here he went up to Fiedler’s.

Saturday, Len & I went to town in the afternoon. There was a big crowd in town. Officer Dwyer had ordered a very drunk man out of town. The man tried to drive out with his wife & baby. Officer Dwyer might as well committed murder as send such a dead drunk out of town driving a car. I surely expect to see the man drive right into a car or somebody. It was a terrible thing. It would be a lot better if Galena had no officers. I don’t see why the decent people of Galena stand it.

Friday we were all busy baking and ironing.

Thursday we got a card from Aunt Rachel{Trudgian}[the photo above is Thomas and Rachel with their three children - Alfred , Wilbur and Anna]. She said they did not bring Uncle Thomas home Wednesday night as he wasn’t able and that she staid at the hospital till ten and Al was going to stay the rest of the night there but as Uncle Thomas was sleeping Al went home. Uncle Thomas was some better in the morning.

Wednesday we washed. It was cloudy. Uncle Edd & Uncle Dan came down that evening to ask Leonard to help saw wood on Thursday. Uncle Edds got a letter from Aunt Rachel, saying Uncle Thos was very poorly and that he has in a sanitarium but they wouldn’t keep him as he annoyed the other patients.


  1. Oh - a radio on trial? Interesting.
    It's like when our new TV came with a "free" DVR for 3 months - we were hooked and made room in our budget.
    By the way - have you ever read books by Della Lutes? "The Country Kitchen" is one of her better known. She writes semi-autobiographical novels about growing up in Michigan in the late 1800's. Lots of every life details. "Cousin William" is my favorite.
    Also - I came across a link to Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project and ran across a cookbook called Mary On the Farm

    Very interesting - I don't like reading digital so I am going to see if I can get a hard copy through library loan.
    Still enjoying your blog.

  2. Welcome back Debbie. Thanks for the comments. I have never read Della Lutes so will check it out. I am still looking for new and interesting ways to present the next set of Lillian's Diaries and maybe these will spark an idea...thanks for the resources.

  3. This comment is from Pat!
    "I've been trying to comment on your Lillian's Diaries blog but I haven't been able to get past the verification. Something has changed. It didn't used to be this hard. I guess I'll just keep my comments to myself. (Just thinking it sure was a different time in 1926 when Officer Dwyer ordered a drunk man to leave town by driving his car with his family inside!)"