Friday, December 25, 2009

A Somber Christmas

Saturday, December 25, 1926: We surely had to hustle to get ready to go to the cemetery. We went up as far as John Tippet’s and waited till they got out with the body. We had a sleigh and team. There was just the sleigh and our two cars at the cemetery. Mother staid at Aunt Annie’s. Besides Mr. Caille and the driver there were just us folks and Uncle Edd and Wilbur Bastians. We knelt and said the Lord’s Prayer at the grave. We then all went to Aunt Annie’s to dinner. They had planned on a Christmas dinner, so went ahead with it and it was very nice for us. Al started out right after dinner for home. Wilbur went along but intends to stop here on his way home. Win & Martha were at Aunt Annie’s to dinner also. Tresidders came up there this afternoon. They were expecting to visit with the folks but they had gone. Raymond Dittmar & Alta Waswund were married Thu. Dec. 23 at Pres. at Schapville parsonage.

Christmas Eve day was very icy in the morning. We all had hurried around to get ready to go to the funeral. A wreath of yellow christantumums came in that morning’s mail for the funeral. It was sent by Mary Potter. They were frosted. We had started about eleven and called at Aunt Annie’s. Uncle Dan and Aunt Tillie were going in town so mother rode with them. The roads were very icy but we had no trouble. We called at Nash & Bertsch’s Chapel and saw Uncle Thomas he looked quite natural but I think he looked thin. We then went up to Zimmerman’s to see the folks. Al got there at nine last night and Wilbur was coming this afternoon at 3:30. So they had the services at the Chapel at one. There were quite a few there. Roy & Mabel & Willie were there also. Uncle Henry & Aunt Lue, Uncle George & Arthur Schlichting. Quite a few folks to the funeral. After the services we waited around then went to train to meet Wilbur. After Wilbur saw Uncle Thomas, Al and his family and us folks started out and the hearse was to follow. When we were out to the fair grounds the hearse did not follow so we stopped and Len, Wilbur and Al went back. The hearse could not make Shea’s hill and as it was getting late, they decided they would bring the body out tomorrow at nine oclock with a team. There were several cars stuck on Ehler’s hills. One in the ditch, delaying us for sometime till they got out. Charlie Ehler had to pull some up with a team. Nancy, Geraldine, Aunt Rachel & Mother walked up the hill. But we had no trouble. When we got to Uncle Edd’s hill there were several cars that couldn’t make it again, but by several men pushing & etz they got up. Al’s & our car made it alright again, but it surely was a good thing the hearse didn’t get any farther. We had quite a time to get the fires going. All were cold. Agnes, Milton & Blanch came up that evening. Geraldine was to sleep with me. Aunt Rachel & Nancy in bedroom. Al & Wilbur in the parlour. We’re were all asked up to Aunt Annie’s to dinner Christmas.

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