Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Year Begins

Tuesday,January 6, 1925 was a nice day. We ironed. Yesterday, Len, Dad & I went to town by car. We also washed. Raymond Strauss* called here in the afternoon. We got a sheep.

Sunday, Len & Ruby went out to Schapville to church in the forenoon. They didn’t come home to dinner but went to Raymond’s. That afternoon we walked to Aunt Annie’s. We had also planned on going over to Johnny’s in the evening, but Henry & Minnie Weis came there,so we didn’t go. We were thinking that maybe Len & Ruby wouldn't go up to Aunt Annie's - but they did. So we went over and heard their radio for awhile before we came home. I hadn’t heard much radio before. We heard programming from San Antonio Texas & Omaha etz.

Saturday would have been a very nice day to go to town but we didn’t have very much to do there so we didn’t go. We all went up to Aunt Annie’s in the evening as I was anxious to know how she was. She looked like she was feeling bad yet.

Friday we just baked and swept upstairs after spending Thursday - New Year's Day quietly at home. Mother came home from Aunt Annie’s that afternoon. She had staid up there all night as Aunt Annie was sick, She felt better New Year's Day but was still weak. It had been cloudy all day and snowed a little in the afternoon.

* Raymond Stauss is Len's brother, who lives in Scales Mound, IL. This is the first diary of volume II of Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past. There is a gap in the diaries between 1919 when the first volume ends and 1925 when the second volume will start. In these gap years, Ruby - Lillian's sister - married Leonard Stauss and they are now living in the Trudgian homestead.

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