Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wishing You a Happy New Year

1926 has drawn to an end in Lillian's time. I hope that you have enjoyed reading her words about life in 1926. I would welcome your feedback on how the entries have been presented and the level of interest you think this format will generate. I am still transcribing the entries exactly as she has written them for the next volume of "Lillian's Diaries" which WILL BE PUBLISHED IN 2010 but can easily make the common corrections that I have made in the blog format. Please either leave your comments on the blog or email me at

I will continue making entries, This time going back a year and presenting 1925 in the next blog entry.

So finishing out 1926 for Lillian; Friday, December 31, 1926: Busy today making bread, saffron cake, a cake and pies. Len went to town by car with feed to grind. The roads were quite good. I got Len to ask the Aunts and Uncles to come down tomorrow. They haven’t been down for a long time and the roads are good. The last day of nineteen twenty-six.

Thursday was a lovly day. Len went out to Schapville to get a stock hog that W. Wulff brought. We ironed and made cookies. I felt some better today and Dad seemed some better also. He was just a trifle better on Wednesday which was a nice clear day. Mother had walked up to the Aunts’ that afternoon, but they were down to Martha’s and just Dan was home so Mother didn’t stay long. Uncles Edd & Dan came down that evening and we had baked bread.

We all got up very late on Tuesday. After Dad ate his dinner he felt sick and vomited all afternoon. John had wanted us to come down there to hear the radio in the evening. So Mother staid home with Dad and Len, Ruby, & I went down. We heard most of a good sermon, singing & etz. Dad had felt very poorly all day Monday. In truth he felt almost too weak to sit up much. He has been poorly for quite awhile now and is very thin.

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