Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Begins To Take Its Toll

Saturday, December 18, 1926: We were busy with Saturday work as usual. Did not hear anything about Uncle Thomas.

Friday was cloudy most of the day. Cold yet, but ever so much warmer than it has been. At least we could keep warm in the house, so we did a small wash. Len went into town with feed. Thursday, Ruby & I walked up to see how the Aunts were getting along. It was very icy walking. We called at Tresidder’s to let them know about Uncle Thomas. It was warmer in the afternoon.

Wednesday was another terrible cold day. The kitchen window were frozen shut all day. There was not one bit of a sign of thawing. The dining room windows were also frozen. For three days we lived in solitary confinement. We got a letter from Al on Wednesday saying Uncle Thomas was in very bad condition. He has been out of his head all the time. He wasn’t sleeping hardly any day or night just a few minutes at a time. He was in the hospital from Sun. till Thursday and then wouldn’t stay another minute. Aunt Rachel was worn out. He ran away Sunday and went over to Metcalf’s with a bath robe on. Al scolded about Anna going away down to Arizona when he was so bad.

Tuesday was clear and very cold and very icy. We just couldn’t warm up the house. The kitchen window was altogether froze up both Tuesday and Wednesday. But it started to thaw a little Tuesday night. Len had thought of going to town but decided it was too cold.

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