Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Has Arrived

Tuesday, December 7, 1926: It was raining today turning into snow, loading trees and bushes with ice & snow. Luckily, on Monday, Len went to town with oats to grind. Dad, Ma & I went too. We took Aunt Tillie along to take a kiropathic* treatment. Roads are kind of rutty.

Friday had been a very nice day. It was a little too warm and the roads got soft. They finished husking shock corn. Ma & I were busy baking as usual on a Friday.

Saturday was rather cold, so we did not go to town. Then it snowed during the night. Sunday Len, Ruby & I went up to see the Uncles and Aunts in the evening.

*The Illinois Chiropractic Society (ICS) is an organization that represents the chiropractic profession in the state of Illinois. ICS was established in 1926 as a non-profit organization and is acknowledged in the Illinois Medical Practice Act of 1987. ICS works to promote and advance professional standards of ethics, education, training and quality health care for all of their members.


  1. I finally got my blog account reset. I have such a short memory I can't figure it out if i don't do it everyday. Anyway, i'm back. Here are my thoughts on finishing "Whispers"
    1. What is a "reading day"?
    2. I am surprised at both the girls being at home and not married at age 22 & 26.
    3. Why is she so secretive about the source of her letters!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing if the girls get married in the next installment. Although, based on my genealogy of the Dittmars, I'm not sure Lillian gets married.

  2. 1. This is not totally proven, but when I asked the same question at the Alfred Mueller Resource Room at the Galena Library, I was told that there were several ladies reading groups in Galena at the time and that they assigned a day for reading and discussion......I personally think - since there is no evidence that Lillian or Ruby attended high school - that Amelia had set aside the day for the girls to further their edication at home. There are several mentions in Vol. I of using her geography book, etc on reading day. The staff at the resource room have records from some of the reading day groups, but when I was there they were re-arranging the room and couldn't find them. Also Lillian never says she is going to the library or to a meeting to discuss her readings.

    2.I was surprised about that too...especially Ruby. Lillian was a bit "too different" to make a good wife in those day....she is very vocal about her opinions and her interest in cars and radio - very unlady-like for the times. Plus there are several times when Lillian writes that she doesn't know how to dance, and they haven't been invited to a party, and that the other people her age are too rowdy....

    3. I don't know why she is so secretive....I think I am going to get a Ouija Board and find out who it was. You know the diaries from 1920-1924 are missing so we can't find there ...and there isn't a clue in the 1925-1931 ones that will be Vol.II I keep looking for those missing diaries.