Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Dittmar Leaves This Earthly Life

Thursday,November 18,1926: The snow is deep and it is still snowing. We had to wear high overshoes and leggings. Len, Ruby & Ma are busy taking some cattle over to the Weis’ place and choring about all day. Wednesday was another cloudy day with snow late in the afternoon. It came down fast and was quite deep by bed time. Len went to town with feed to grind twice that day.

On Tuesday, the weather was dark & cloudy. All but Dad went out to Hulda Dittmar’s* funeral in the forenoon. Len took his car. The roads were very muddy. It was nearly noon when the funeral got to Schapville. A very large crowd was there. But I guess it would have been very much larger if the roads had been good - about half the people there had their teams. Bessie was here from Dakota. The pallbearers were cousins. 4 Cooks and 2 Dittmars. Hulda did not look natural. She was very thin and so much older. The funeral car had a hard time getting thru the mud. It got mired several times. Uncle Ben & Uncle Joe Dittmar and his family were there. The roads were some better coming home. Uncle Dan had came home Monday morning to tell us that Hulda had died Saturday evening at 5 o’clock. She has been sick for a long time with heart trouble. The funeral was to be on Tuesday morning at 10 at the house in Elizabeth then to the Schapville Church. Uncle Dan had also said that John had been killed by the train in Galena on Sunday.

* Hulda Dittmar was only 20 years old when she died, having been born in 1906. She was the daughter of John H.Dittmar[1867 - 1937} and Anna H. Dittmar {1874 - 1921} who were also buried in the Schapville Presbyterian Cemetery {Thompson Township} pictured above, but Hulda was buried with Joseph, {1875 - 1938} and his wife Regina C. {1879 - 1968} Dittmar - or I guess I should say they were buried with her.

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