Monday, November 9, 2009

The Status of Church Attendance

Tuesday, Nov. 9, 1926: The clothes didn’t get dry yesterday. Mother took them off the lines last night as some were down on the ground. She rinsed them and hung them out again today. It was a very cold day.

On Monday we washed and hung the clothes outside. Then it started to rain in the afternoon and was a very stormy night. Mr. Stauss came down today. He husked corn.

Sunday was a real warm day. We all went to Galena to church in the forenoon. That afternoon we went to Council Hill to church*. The roads to the Station had all been widened and graded lately. It is a great improvement. This eve we went up to Aunt Annie’s but they weren’t home so we came home.

Dad, Ma & I went to town Saturday afternoon. It was another nice warm day. I wore a spring coat.

*Lillian's family was pretty faithful in attending church each week. But what church, what week is the question. I cannot find the church that Lillian mentions in this entry. The only old church I can find a history on is Lutheran and although the church history includes names of Lillian's neighbors, I don't think the family would have attended a Lutheran church - most mentions of churches pertain to either a Presbyterian or a Methodist affiliation. This visiting one church after another makes it really hard for a genealogist to find the valuable information that is often present when an ancestor was a long standing member of one particular church.

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