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Sunday, February 28, 2010

It was a cold and windy time my friends!

Saturday, February 28, 1925: We ironed and did the Saturday work. Friday, Dad & Len went to town and Aunt Annie rode along up home. It was very cold. We baked and washed.

On Thursday, Len went to Scales Mound to get oats. It was a very cold and windy day so Aunt Annie didn’t go home. We finished quilting my quilt before supper. Aunt Annie had come down on Wednesday afternoon to help us quilt. She staid all night.

Tuesday, we quilted some. It was a dark, cloudy day. Len sawed wood over at Bonhoff’s. We had put my yellow nine patch quilt* in the frame and quilted a little on Monday. There was no mail on Monday.

*Nine-patch quilt blocks initially contain nine equal squares. The squares are arranged three rows across and three down, as shown in this beautiful garden nine patch (block) quilt.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Socialization

Saturday, January 17, 1925: Raymond went up to Aunt Annie’s to go to town with Uncle Edd to go to Apple River yet on the noon train. Feel tough* today.

Friday was snowy in the forenoon. In the afternoon Raymond Dittmar came from Aunt Annie’s. He had come there Wed. We baked bread & coffee cake, two cakes and a batch drop cookies. Len, Ruby, Raymond & I went to the party at Bonhoff’s Wednesday eve. We walked over the hill. Had to put on leggings and wade thro. Quite a few were there when we got there and they kept on coming till about ten oclock. Over seventy were there and they dance & dance. So many came from Schapville way. I was rather disgusted with the whole affair. They jumped around like Indians. Of course, we had to sit or stand in a corner. Mrs. Heller, Agnes & Blanche & Mrs. Winsicker were there so we had a few to talk with. We started for home at one oclock in the morning.

Thursday, Len went to Raymond’s to help his father cut wood. He had gone to Scales Mounds first so Mother had went along up to Aunt Lizzie’s. Then she went to Mrs. Stauss’ to supper. That afternoon Ida and Loretta Fiedler came down to tell us there was going to be a party at Bonhoff’s tomorrow night. They talked as tho they (Fiedlers)were getting it up*. I had supposed it would be a dance.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday were clear and cold. Ruby made a apron. Mother ironed some. On Monday it was snowy and I sewed a little.

* What do you suppose "I feel tough" meant? I tried to research it, with no results.
* “Getting it up” means to organize or be the host of an event