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The Last Days of Lillian's 1925

This Sunday's entry will be the end of my blog entries for the next two weeks. I am in the final weeks of transcribing the 1920-1924 diaries which were found earlier in 2010 and the publisher is pushing to move forward to getting them to Lillian's readers. Look for Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past Vol. II at or BookWorld in Galena, IL on Valentine's Day 2-14-12. It will also be available at many other outlets such as Barnes & Noble. When I start the blog up again I will use 1919 as the year to post, which will set the tone for your reading of Volume II. Have a happy, healthy 2011. I hope you will join me mid-January for the weekly postings of Lillian's diaires.

Sunday, December 20, 1925: Cloudy & foggy today. Didn’t know if we should try to go to church this morning or not, but got ready. After we started we thought it too late so we went in to Aunt Annie’s. Then they would have us stay for dinner. This eve Ruby & Len went up to Scales Mound to church. Tresidders came up this eve.
Monday we washed. Len went out to Raymond’s that afternoon. We all went up school to a Christmas program. Santa Claus was there also. They had a tree too. Just the parents and a few extra ones. Jerry Kohlbauer & new wife were there.

Tuesday we made doughnuts and two batches of fondant.Also made up into bonbons a batch I made before Mother also ironed some. Got some Xmas cards. Wednesday got more Christmas card. Altho it was snowy, Len Ruby, Dad and I went to town. It stopped snowing in the fternoon. Took up a Xmas present each for Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie. They gave us some. I got gingham for a dress from Aunt Annie and a box of candy from Uncle Ed.

Thursday we were busy baking bread, saffron cake, a cake. Made a batch of candy chocolate coated the candy & etz. Snowing about all day. Going to have a white Xmas.
Friday, Merry Christmas. A cold Christmas. Didn’t know if we should try to go to Apple River or not, but got ready and started about ten thirty.Didn’t find the roads very good,some places so rutty so very hard to meet cars, but got there before twelve. Uncle Georges and Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie were there. Had a big dinner, a nice time. At four oclock we started for home. But as we didn’t drain the radiator out there it froze and the water and car got so awfully hot. Had to stop and let it cool off and get water several times, but home at six. Len & I took off the radiator and brought it in to thaw out. Very cold night.

Saturday was a very cold day, about eight below Zero all day. Baked pies and cleaned up. Sunday it was twenty below Zero in the morning. Very cold all day. So didn’t go anywhere and did not have any company. Monday was another very cold day. Mother went up to Fiedler’s in the morning to see if there is to be stock shipped from the Station today. Len took hogs over the Station. Tuesday it was very cold in the morning but more moderate in the afternoon. Len, Ruby & Mother went to town in theafternoon.

Wednesday we washed. It was a lovly clear day, and beautiful moonlight evening.
Thursday - The last day of nineteen twenty-five. A most beautiful day. Ironed and baked bread, saffron bread, cookies and etz. Len took some chickens to Scales Mound

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