Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mother and The Cream Can

Monday, December 14, 1925: Washed today. Len took hogs to the Station. It was cloudy all day. Tuesday was snowy. Len & Ruby were going to town about one oclock. Mother was helping Ruby carry out a can of cream and slipped on the ice. Guess she must have hit the back of her head. We got her up and Len & Ruby helped her to the house and got her things off and got her on the couch. She talked to us alright. Told Ruby she guessed they better go on as she felt better. Then in a few minutes wanted to know what had happened. Told her she fell down, said she didn’t know anything about it and kept on asking us if she fell, where she fell, what she was doing, what kind of cream she was carrying and etz. We were scared, rubbed her with liniment on her head and cold water and etz. she remembered then but her heart was so bad she didn’t get off the couch till about four oclock. Ruby & Len didn’t go to town. Wednesday Len & Ruby went to town. Mother feels quite poorly, very stiff. Uncle Edd and the Aunts came down this evening. Aunts Mag & Till expect to go home tomorrow from Galena. They want us to come out there for Xmas.

Thursday was cloudy. We made fruit cake and a batch of fondant. Friday Dad, Len & I went to town in the afternoon. Saw Thelma Davis. She is home from Minneapolis from Sunday till the 28th. Very cold today. Saturday it was almost too warm. Made the roads soft. A good many cars went along today. Ida, Loretta & Stella Fiedler came down this morning to invite us up to their Xmas program at the school Monday evening. Sunday was cloudy & fog. Didn’t know if we should try to go to church or not, but got ready. After we started we thought it too late so we went in to Aunt Annie’s then they would have us stay for dinner. This eve Ruby & Len went up to Scales Mound to church. Tresidders came up this eve.

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