Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Already ~ How Did That Happen?

Saturday, November 7, 1925: It snowed all day. We had to haul in corn in the snow. Quite cold too. We wanted to go to town but weather was too terrible, regular blizzard. Friday started with a beautiful looking morning but clouded about noon. Dad, Ruby & Len were very, very busy husking and hauling corn. I wanted to try out the car but Dad didn’t come in till late. Then he couldn’t it get it cranked. We wanted to go over to the P.T.A. at Independence School that evening, but everything went wrong. At last it was decided that Len, Ruby & I would go, so Ma & I had to help milk so as to get there before midnight. There was quite a crowd there. Ethel said Uncle Edd isn’t well and that Aunts Mag & Till are up there. Uncle Edd went out to Apple River Tuesday to get them.

Thursday Mother churned. I finished the job on the car. But had to try it to see if the bands were adjusted right. Wednesday I worked on the car most of the day. I put in the bands, put cover on and put in the bolts ready to tighten. I also tightened up the clutch fingers. It was quite a rainy day. Tuesday was another nice warm day. I worked at lining the brake bands of car. Monday was a very nice warm day. We washed and also started to take the car apart to put in brake bands.

Sunday, the first day of November, we all went down to Tresidder’s. When we got there Wilbur, Sadie & Evelyn Bastian were standing in the lawn. They said there wasn’t anybody home but the key was in the kitchen door. We stood around awhile. Then we saw somebody coming walking down the road. It was Aunt Annie going to John’s too. We all had a good laugh. We asked them all to come up here so we all walked back up. Bastians walked home across the fields. After supper Dad, Ma, Aunt Annie and I went down to John’s again. Before we came home Ma & I took Aunt Annie part way home.

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