Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween From Galena, IL

Happy Halloween
Saturday October 31,1925: It is a nice day. Thought the road too slippery to go to town. Frozen again tonight so Dad, Ma & I drove up to Aunt Annie’s this evening. A beautiful moonlight evening. Halloween! Friday was a beautiful, clear day and a beautiful moonlight evening, altho it was cold. Ground thawed some but froze again at night. We ironed and baked.

Thursday was very cold again. The roads thawed a little in the wheel track. Len went to Scales Mound. I sewed in the afternoon on my dress. Wednesday was a beautiful clear but very cold morning. The window panes were covered with frost, just like New Year’s day. About nine-thirty in the morning it was eighteen about zero. The snow staid all day and the ground remained frozen, softening just a little. Len went to town. Quite a number of cars on the road especially in the evening. The therometer said eight above at 9:40 in the evening. Tuesday Len & Ruby started for Elizabeth at 8:30 to go to Mr. Gensler’s funeral. About ten or ten thirty it started to snow and snowed all day. Snowed several inches, looks like January weather and cold too. Guess it would make sleighing all right and I bet dandy land sleigh riding for children. It hardly seems possible that it be such weather so early. Len & Ruby got home before dark. The funeral was at 1 oclock from the Methodist Church at Elizabeth. Mr. Adam Stiefel got run over by a truck at Elizabeth this afternoon. Reports were he was in a serious condition.

Monday it snowed some in the forenoon. It was cold and cloudy rest of the day. Mother churned. Len fixing on his car so as to go to his Uncle’s funeral tomorrow. The worst weather for the longest time I ever saw. Didn’t have any Fall yet at all. Sunday we didn’t go to church as the roads were slippery yet. Mother walked to Aunt Annie’s in the afternoon. At nearly dinner time we all went up in the car. That afternoon Mrs. Eustice & Palmer came out to Aunt Annie’s. Ruby & Len came home to do their chores. We stayed to supper. About nine oclock Uncle Edd brought us home. Ruby & Len were gone to Scales Mound. Mr. Gensler, Len’s uncle, died.

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