Sunday, September 19, 2010

♪ Happy Birthday Dear Aunt Annie & Uncle Edd ♪♪

Saturday , September 19, 1925: This morning Uncle Edd came down and said that Annie Zimmerman called up to say they were going to Waterloo tomorrow morning with one of their borders in his car and that two others could go along. I thought maybe Mother and Aunt Annie could go but Aunt Annie can’t go as she had a letter from Aunt Tillie saying Uncle Georges and Maryanne & children are coming to her place for dinner Sunday. We didn’t know what to do, most said that they guessed we couldn’t go. But Dad wanted to go right away. We gave Uncle Edd his cake. This evening Dad, Ma & I went to town. Then Dad & Ma went up to Zimmerman’s. They coaxed them to go along so we think they may go. It was a very, very warm day.

Friday, was a very busy day. We spend all day baking and etz. I made an angel cake. Thought we might go up to Aunt Annie’s this eve to take up my cake for hers and Uncle Edd’s birthday. Uncle Edd’s birthday is today and Aunt Annie’s was last week. But it got too late and looked like rain.

Thursday we washed. Aunt Annie came down in the afternoon and Uncle Edd this evening.

Wednesday I didn’t feel very spry. I made tomatoe preserves and I washed my head.

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