Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Early Winter.....

Saturday, October 10, 1925: Had a very hard frost last night. Everything froze, thick ice froze. The celery and etz. froze stiff. Quite cold all day. We all went to town this afternoon with both cars. The roads not very good. Friday was very cold and snow flurries most of the day. We were busy baking, churning and brought in some squash and some beets. Thursday was cloudy and cold again. It was rainy during the night. We finished digging potatoes. Dad also picked some apples. We also made some fall grape jelly.

Wednesday I finished assembling Leonard’s car and to try it we went up as far as Aunt Annie’s in the forenoon. At about eleven-thirty Ruby & Len started out in quest of a stock hog. Hardly knew where they were going. They came back before dark with a pig. They got it out at Arthur Wulff’s. They said the roads are bad out that way. They carried the hog in a crate on the side of the car.

Tuesday was rainy in the forenoon, cleared in the afternoon. I helped Leonard put in brake bands in his car. Had quite a little trouble. Ironed today. Monday was raining. We washed and picked some ground cherries & etz. On Sunday Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came down. It cloudy nearly all day and coldin the evening. We went for a walk up on the hill this afternoon.

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