Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day & The Eagles' Celebration

Tuesday, September 15, 1925: Len wanted to go to Dubuque today as Raymonds and his folks were going. So Ruby, Ma & I went along. We went to Scales Mounds and nearly to Shullburg and through New Diggings and etz. It was about ten when we got over there. I bought a winter coat and hat. The coat is wine color bolivia. The hat is also about the same color. The coat cost nineteen dollars and fifty cents and hat six dollars. It was about dark when we got home. Monday, Dad, Ma & I went to town in the afternoon.

Sunday, we all went to town to church in the forenoon. Rev. Smith had a sermon on the sins of Galena. It was very interesting. He is quite worked up over the Eagles’ doings last Sunday. There was lots of drinking going on. In the afternoon we all went to Scales Mound to Aunt Lizzie’s. Len to his folks. Saturday, Dad, Ma & I went to town in the evening. We stopped in at Aunt Annie’s on the way home. Friday we were busy with baking and etz. and etz.

Thursday, we ironed and made catsup. Wednesday, Len & Ruby went to town in the forenoon. We washed. Tuesday it rained hard all forenoon. I sewed some on Mother black silk that we started to make over last year. Monday was Labor Day. But we all labored. We didn’t go to the Eagles’ big celebration. It was a nice day and I suppose there was a big crowd as cars went by in great numbers. Dad, Len, Ruby & Mother dug potatoes. We didn’t finish digging the early ones. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie came down Sunday afternoon. A great many cars went by. Guess lots went to the Eagles’ Celebration.

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