Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who, How, Where?

Saturday, August 22, 1925: Fiedlers thrashed this forenoon. The thrashed here this afternoon. We served a early supper, only five stayed. Dad, Ruby & I went to town this forenoon. Aunt Mag came along down with us to help us. Len got three hundred seventy-seven bushels of oats.On Friday we had baked bread, coffee cake, cookies, drop cookies and two cakes. It was a beautiful day, in fact a perfect day. Butchers thrashed on Friday.

Thursday was the Schapville picnic and a circus at Galena. Nobody knew where to go, who to go, how to go, where to go. Len thought he might be called on to thrash. So Dad, Ma, Ruby, Aunt Till & I went to town to see the parade but did not go to the circus. Didn’t know what it would cost. Raymond, Elma and another girl went down this evening. They were going to the circus I suppose. I would like to have gone to it this eve.

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