Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Galena Mainstay Passes Away

Saturday, October 24, 1925: It rained today. Len, Dad & Ruby hauled in corn. Friday Mother baked and ironed. Tonight there is a basket social at Independence School. I would like to have gone very much but wasn’t able to go. Thursday we washed. It snowed that afternoon making things quite white for awhile.

Wednesday we all went to town in the afternoon. All but Len went to Eliza Bastian’s funeral. We went to the church. The church was nearly full. Rev. Smith preached. He is going to leave for Chicago tonight. Mrs. Bastian had a grey coffin, and many flowers. It was raining when the services were over. So we put on chains to come home but wouldn’t have needed them out this way. Tuesday, well Anna and Aunt Lizzie got started from here at eight o’clock. Anna has a very fine six cylinder Oldsmobile touring. While she was home she, Uncle Thomas & Aunt Rachel went up to Ft. Dodge, and Aunt Lizzie went to Hampton to see her brother she had not seen for nineteen years. Mrs. Haines came back with Anna to Eliza Bastian’s funeral. I let out my dress that afternoon. That evening Len, Ruby & I went to town. Ruby & I went to Harris Hall to the indoor fair put on by the Standard Bearers. They had a program and candy booth and fortune telling and a fish pond. They also sold sandwiches, cake & coffee. It was quite nice.

Monday we spent the day carrying in celery, endive, radishes and some cabbage. As we were eating supper Uncle Edd & Aunt Annie came. They said we were going to have more company. Anna Bates* had called out from Annie Zimmerman’s that they are coming out. Just she and Aunt Lizzie. Anna said she was awful nervous driving out over the hills by night. But they got out all right. Anna was going to start for Chicago again in the morning. The next day she is going to go up to Michigan again to take the car up. Then she is coming back again to Chicago to work. They expert to go south in December as Mr. Bates wants to stay there to go deer hunting first. He walks with crutches now is worse than he was. (Eliza Bastian died yesterday afternoon.)

* Anna Bates is the same Anna Trudgian mentioned in the last posting. Austin Bates was her first husband

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