Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something Extra III

I am continuing on with the 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge that is currently running on Facebook. Last week I went over to the library and checked out how the Portage Library handles interlibrary loans. When I first asked I was given a list of 6 or 7 local libraries, and was really disappointed. I then went to their website and discovered that those libraries are what is called recipical libraries - meaning all I need to do is to walk in with my library card and I can check out the book myself. Interlibrary loan libraries cover the entire state of Michigan, including several universities and colleges. This opens a whole new world of finding genealogy material for me.

This week's challenge is to go to and search for genealogy material. This was a real treat... I found Histoire d'une famille anglaise au XVIe siècle, les Tregian by Helen Trudgian, written as her doctoral thesis in 1934. Problem is so far I can only find it in France. It might hold the key as to how the Trudgian line came down from Francis Trdgian(Tregian) in the 1500s. If you run across it let me know and do check out Our oldest daughter was a French major in college so she can translate for me so now I have two searches going on - this book and Lillian's 1920-1925 diaries.

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