Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ancestor Helps Prove Genealogical Data

I am working on entering all my genealogy info on's Family Tree and have found a supporting source I had never thought of before. I am using "Lillian's Diaries: Whispers of Galena's Past" to add some of the "flesh" to people who I have statistic data on in my family tree and that Lillian has made diary entries of those same people that expand the person beyond just birth, death, marriage. etc. If you have the pleasure of having old letters or diaries/journals of your ancestors this might be a supporting source for your genealogy information.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The End of Volume I

Friday, December 26, 1919:  We were busy choring all day. We ironed this eve. It was quite warm today. Spoiling the sleighing. Saturday was very busy all day. Ruby & I made doughnuts in the afternoon. My first ones. They got very nice. Mother came home today. She rode out with the Tresidders. Ruby got a letter from L today.

Sunday Ruby & I went to Galena to church. We went to the Methodist Church and heard a Christmas sermon. Quite a few there. But no neighbors. Came back to Aunt Annie’s to dinner. Dad & Ma were up there too. Sleighing will be gone soon. We drove Pet in the cutter. Monday Dad and Ruby took chickens to Scales Mound. Twenty-two roosters at twenty-two cents and eight hens for twenty-three. They bought four roosters. Three Plymouth rocks and one black one. They got ten pounds sugar at by going three places at thirteen and fifteen cents per pound. Heard yesterday that the Equity folks were going to get sugar for eleven and one half cents per pound. Now we heard they have to pay nineteen and won’t get it very soon. I guess there stung. They had a meeting about it last night.

Tuesday we had churned yesterday afternoon and night till midnight and all day today till about three or four this afternoon. It came at last. A beautiful day. Dad chopping in the woods this afternoon. Wednesday, well this is the last day of nineteen-nineteen. We washed today. It was colder this evening. This evening Ruby is crocheting a rug and Mother knitting mittens. I crocheting a daisy filet crochet night gown yoke for Sis. Well nineteen-twenty is leap year. Have to get ready and get up courage.

Goodbye 1919 and Volume I of Lillian's Diaires: Whispers From Galena's Past

Thanks for joining Lillian throughout the year. Volume II and III are currently available at, Book World in Galena, IL and Cornish Connections in Mineral Point, WI.
I have found some of the volumes also available online at Barnes and Noble and a few other online stores. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions about the Trudgian family both in Galena, IL and Cornwall England.