Sunday, February 14, 2010

Even Death Waits On Galena's Weather

"Saturday, February 14, 1925: Mother and Ruby went over to the cemetery to Mrs. Bastian funeral today. A few people from around here and the immediate family came out.

On Friday we baked and ironed. It was a very nice clear day. In the evening Agnes, Milton and Blanche came up to tell us that Mrs. Bastian was to be buried tomorrow afternoon. The funeral would to start from town at one oclock.

Thursday we washed. Len has a bad cold. Wednesday was quite cold. We sewed some.

Tuesday was colder than yesterday. Len went up and got Aunt Annie in the afternoon. And took her back that eve. Uncle Edd was at the supervisors’ meeting. Monday it cleared up. Mother and Ruby were all ready to go over to the cemetery to Mrs. Bastian’s* funeral when John Tresidder drove up. He said they wasn’t going to bring her out here yet as the roads were too bad. They were going to put the body in the chapel at Greenwood* till roads got better. Johns had started out for the cemetery and Milton called them back. He had word by telephone that they wasn’t coming out. We sewed that afternoon."

* Elizabeth Bastian ( according to the tombstone b.10-22-1836 d. 2 -6-1925) wife of Henry Bastian. Was held in chapel of Greenwood Cemetery [photo on left above] in West Galena Township due to road conditions and then brought out to Miner (Chapel) Cemetery [photo on right above] 8 days later.

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