Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

Saturday, July 18, 1925: I wanted to go to town tonight but it was raining so we didn’t go. We could have been ready quite early once. Could have gone if we knew it wouldn’t rain anymore. Stars are shining now. Friday was an example of the nice cool weather we’re having now. Baked and  put up some gooseberries. I finished fixing a white slip and fixing the hem and etz. of my new dress.

Thursday was Ruby’s thirty second birthday. She spent all afternoon in the hay field. Uncle Edd & the Aunts came down in the evening. Ruby & Len milked yet after ten oclock. They brought Ruby a present of a glass dish & six sauce dishes. Wednesday we ironed some and pickled four quarts of beans. Aunt Till came down late afternoon for her slippers & stockings she left here. She brought down a dress she got out of the bargain catalog. It is a yellow voile that cost $1.50 and fit me, so I took it.

Tuesday I was sick in the forenoon. I was dizzy and sick to my stomach so staid in bed till nearly noon. Ma, Ruby & Aunt Mag washed. Aunt Till helped with house work. That eve we took the Aunts up to Aunt Annie’s. Monday afternoon, Dad, Ma, Aunts Mag, Till & I went out to Apple River to cut the lawn and weed & hoe the garden. We got home at twenty to nine.

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